Friday, May 28, 2021

Driving Home - the Back Road

Coming out of physio we decided to drive by the back road and keep our eyes open for Sandhill Cranes.  No luck, but we did see some nice rural scenery (and a lot less traffic).  Now, let's see if Blogger lets me upload photos today.  I like many others couldn't do that yesterday.   ...   (It worked).

Down the escarpment into Owen Sound, 

And up again out of town after physio.

I thought this farmer on the edge of town had retired with no sign of his livestock, so I was pleased to see this herd of cattle out grazing.  He used to raise sheep too.

We turned south to come home the backroad, and I noticed this new logging operation.  It looks to me like they must be producing firewood, the logs are too small for much else.

Then we drove past the Sydenham Quarry, which you can't see much of from the road, but which is a big white scar on Google Maps.

Turning east on #18 we passed this farm where I've always admired the rows of Norway Spruce.  They create quite an alleyway for the house.

This is a hugely cropped photo of two horses a long distance away.  Driving back yesterday on the same road the same two horses were right up close at the fence with a very young colt - pictures to come.

We turned down a sideroad briefly and looked into the swampy forest.  Lots of ferns growing.  I think these ones are Ostrich Ferns.

Across the road the woods looked strangely bare, making me even wonder if it was grazed - but there was no fence.

Lots of ferns further down the road though; these ones are Sensitive Fern.

Today is cold so it's an inside day and I've just finished binge-reading the second half of an Elly Griffiths mystery.  Haven't done that in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  1. Beautiful shots. It's chilly here today as well.

  2. And that was just as nice a ride home as the trip there!
    Blogger was a real pain yesterday!

  3. That was a nice pastoral landscape you rode through. It certainly looks like a firewood operation, lots of renewable heating fuel there.

  4. Such a wonderful place, and those ferns are quite lovely. Different from the ones we see around here. At least this morning the rain from the last storm has passed, and it's sunny and cool.

  5. We used to keep our pigs in the bush. It looked like they completely defoliated the undergrowth on the forty acres (forty pigs, so one acre per animal). After a year to regenerate the forest floor was in great condition. We had trilliums come up which we had never seen before. Our understory was quite different from the neighbours on the other side of the road. The poison ivy was gone!

  6. The gardening group I belong to on FB would salivate over those ostrich ferns. I don't know how many requests I've seen for people looking for them.

    Nice drive and great photos!

  7. Cold down here, younger daughter had minus 6 Celsius the other morning, the roads are getting frosty and dangerous.Our fire is lit, warm dinner planned for tonight.

  8. Neat pictures! I saw other bloggers complain that they couldn't post photos.

  9. Back roads are always the best - unless you're in a terrible hurry.

  10. I like backroads and Elly Griffiths too. I think I have read all of the books that are cheaply available. :)

  11. Our weather for the last two days has been in the mid-50s and lots of welcomed rain. We are hunkered down at home and I welcome your lovely trip!!

  12. I am so amazed by the ferns this past week. They appeared so suddenly and are so lovely. They grow so quickly!

  13. A lovely trip. We still haven't got rain.
    I'm reading a history of the KKK in Canada. My chosen library books are really reserved, and taking awhile.