Monday, May 24, 2021

A Sunny Day Out Back

Another beautiful sunny day here and I sat out back for an hour with my coffee as I did 2 or 3 days ago.  The garden is jammed with interesting plants now as Mrs. F.G. gets to the end of planting all the plants she germinated, so I'm interested to see all these things growing.

Again Blogger has totally reversed the order of my photos, so I'm just going to leave them like this and tell  the story in reverse!

In the about to bloom category is this white Columbine, as well as this spectacular Clematis.  It's put on 6 feet already growing up the side of our shed.

Our Bearberry, a nice creeping groundcover, is in bloom, its tiny white flowers far away from me,  I'd really have to be able to get down on the ground with my macro lens to get the photo I'd like.

Still blooming much more luxuriously is the Leopard's Bane.  I counted 56 flowers on it one morning.

I can see our young Redbud about 10 feet away, growing very well.  Look at how fast the leaves have come out in 4 days!

Sitting in the shade on the deck are the remaining plants that Mrs. F.G. germinated.  Our son is delivering some more that he picked up for us this afternoon.  That will be the end (for this year).

These are the views to the east and west when I sit on the deck enjoying my coffee.

And this is overhead!

If there's a breeze I sit on the patio, which is warmer.

And if it's hot I sit in the shade on the deck.  Always a choice.

Today in Canada  we celebrate Victoria Day, declared a national holiday in 1845 to remember the birthday of Canada's queen at that time, Queen Victoria, born in 1819.  For many it's the beginning of summer, known unofficially as 'May 2-4'.


  1. I would love to be your neighbor. I could talk garden with you two and watch it all growing. Your temps are about a month behind us but you will have a great summer. Sitting outside is so rewarding no matter where you sit. That is a great view of trees. I have a neighbor who doesn't have a single tree in his yard.

  2. We have our unofficial start of summer this weekend, with Memorial Day. I love all your pictures, and happily it doesn't matter what order they appear in, they are all delightful! :-)

  3. Your garden has come alive in a few days. Such a beautiful place to sit and enjoy nature.

  4. Gorgeous photos. Love the yellow Leopards Bane.

  5. Spring is coming along nicely there.

  6. mrs. fg is doing a fabulous job, everything looks beautiful. it's nice to have temperature choices as you sit outside!!

  7. It's good planning in your outside house design that you are able to decide on sun or shade. I think Mrs. FG has done a magnificent job in putting all those gardens together and deciding which plants go where and when. And what a bonus for both of you in remembering all the plant names. And how fortunate to have those large trees so close.

  8. We haven't done bedding plants yet. Still some nursery hesitancy, I guess.
    WRT photos, just upload one at a time as it fits best. Then write some more and reveal another. It's cumbersome, but at least you can order them the way that you want.

  9. Everything looks wonderful, even your views of the large trees. You seem to have the right amount of sun and shade. :)
    when you write about certain plants, I jot the names down as ideas for covering our corral hill. It is the bane of my existence right now, not knowing what will grow in the rocky sandy soil. :) So thank you for the garden/flower pics.

  10. I have just started planting but do no way near as much as you resident gardener!

  11. Nice! I love the white columbine - I wonder how well it would do in shade. I purchased an almost black one that is doing okay, but rarely blooms until later because it is in partial shade.

    Enjoy the beautiful yard and gardens...and sunshine too!

  12. Sometimes it's nice to sit and bask in the sun, like an old turtle on a log.