Saturday, June 1, 2019

My World is Developing more Focus.

First of all, I should say that I have always been curious, stopping to look at the detailed little things, the species and habitats I'm seeing, as well as the distant views.  Whether I drive a few miles to get there or not, I tend to look for things that interest me, and that's what I photograph, not just snapshots along the way.

It occurred to me the other day when I was driving up and down the street, in and out of the cul-de-sac, that my world has shifted its focus.  I used to explore further away from home, driving to different parts of the Bruce Trail.  Now my world has focussed in on the details I can see around here, but I haven't lost my curiosity.  These are the flowers of a Sugar Maple tree a week go.

I love Dandelions, and there are lots on some of the still vacant lots down the street.

Some are close enough to the street that I can look straight down at them.

I've been testing my iPhone for different types of shots, and I was pleased with this close-up by using the zoom.

Ash tree buds, about to come out, a good two weeks later than the Sugar Maples.  This not as blurry as it seems, those are little bumps on the ash twigs.

A distant barn across the golf course, all the way over on the next concession.

And a small stream that flows down a ravine at the beginning of our street.  Sometimes I just have to look around to find things of interest.

It all reminds me of a post I wrote 18 months ago, about observing while you walk instead of hurrying down the trail.  You might like to go back and read that one, one of my better efforts I think.  At "'Sauntering' down the Trail".  


  1. I so enjoy your reflections on life and your pictures. That misty next-to-last picture is delightful. And I look forward to seeing these same views through the seasons. :-)

  2. Good afternoon Stew. I went back and read most of your posts from 2018. What an amazingly challenging time you have had, but look at you go!
    Your strength and persistence are indeed admirable. Enjoy this wonderful spring!

  3. I've always been impressed with most smart phone pictures. Accurate color and correct exposures. Your photos are a good example of that. Good stuff.

  4. Across the golf course, that is a beauty, and close up, golden petals are so clear, looks like that phone will take really fine photos.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Sometimes we just don't see the beauty that is right up close to us.

  6. Thanks for the link back. I don't do much hiking but we do ride our quads out into the bush. There are some steep trails that I don't like (I have a fear of heights) so Wayne goes ahead and I get off my bike to walk around with my camera. Sauntering along the trails and roads is where I get many of my best pictures of plants, rocks, trees and the occasional critter like the toad I found peeking out from his hole. When I taught school I would take the class out to the playground to get down on the grass and walk along the fence lines to take time to really look at our surroundings. I enjoyed seeing more of your neighbourhood. Thanks for sharing them. - Margy

  7. You've got lots of Spring growth and life happening there while we have dying leaves.

  8. You are proving that the times when 'life' gets in the way of the norm we can still make the best of it. You are inclined to find new things to explore and doing a wonderful job of accepting the beauty in small things through the lens of your device.

    1. Do you remember holding a dandelion up under your chin to see if you liked butter? We did that all the time, looking for the yellow reflection. My brother, Bruce, used to do it and always manage to rub it on my skin! haha

  9. I remember "Sauntering Down The Trail" well as I've always been a bit of a saunterer myself. I'm sure you'll find much of interest to show us even if your explorations are geographically more limited.

  10. There's always something interesting to see and photograph, even if it was a "weed" or moss managing to survive in the crack of a sidewalk. Someday perhaps, I'll do a blog post on the living things, both plants and animals found in/on a sidewalk -- maybe you'll beat me to it.

  11. Your view of the distant barn is my favourite of these.

  12. aw, that second shot is a squee moment

  13. Hi Furry...
    My sentiments exactly!!
    Great shots...
    Have a great week!
    Linda :o)

  14. You've shared some great photographs here.
    I always like to see dandelions, they are such a beautiful, bright yellow.

    All the best Jan

  15. Well done, you still have photo magic! :)

  16. You are mastering that IPhone camera. So glad the chair is working out for you so well.