Sunday, June 16, 2019

Interesting Perennials

Just to show that I'm not merely a Magpie, here are some interesting perennials we saw at the nursery too.  Mind you these are all still bright colours.  I took careful note of the varietal names for those of you who are serious gardeners.

 Table Mountain Ice Plant

 Perennial Sage

Desert Eve Yarrow

 False Sea Thrift

Japanese Forest Grass

Had a wonderful time at the Rocklyn Antique Car Show this afternnon.  Felt like old home week, we met so many people we knew.  Pictures and more to come.


  1. They are all beautiful...if I can remember I am going to google Sea Thrift, since what you show was False Sea Thrift...makes me wonder if there is a Sea Thrift. I had never heard of either.

  2. Beautiful flowers, well captured in your pictures. I like the pretty purples. :-)

  3. You have caught some nice colors there and how helpful to remember all the flower names.

  4. I'm thinking along the line of Rose. If that is False Sea Thrift, I wonder if there is a Real Sea Thrift?
    They are all so pretty and I've just learned that sage around a campfire will keep skitters away. Maybe I need to grow some of those perennials! :)

  5. I could use a little more color in my yard.

  6. Whether you remember the Flower's names they are still beautiful.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Spring.

    It's about time.

  7. Decades ago my Aunt Sissy had ice plant along her apartment property on Pacific Palisades Blvd. in California.

  8. You found some new ones for me. They all have great color.

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