Thursday, June 27, 2019

Fish fry

Last Saturday we went to a fish fry in Thornbury, a big fund-raising event for one of the churches there.  They feed 600 people over 3 hours, and they saved a disabled parking spot for us right up front!  The fish was delicious, Lake Erie Pickerel I think.  Sorry, no pictures of that, but we did drop down to the harbour for an hour's dawdling walk afterwards.

The Thornbury harbour is nice to visit because it has a pathway around the bay and river sides, opposite the protected harbour where the sailboats are.  On the bay side these large boulders protect the area from occasional storms.

Did you spot the two kayakers in the first photo above?

Looking east, a photo I've taken several times, you see the ski runs of Blue Mountain.  But can you spot the lighthouse?

Probably not.  It's very tiny even when I use the zoom.  The Nottawasaga Lighthouse sits on an island off the Town of Collingwood.

We were surprised there was only one sailboat out on a beautiful evening with a light breeze.

But there were plenty of fishermen lining the bank of the river.  No-one was catching anything until this fellow caught a big one that bent his rod almost into a half-circle.  You're right, it was one of those rare species, a river log.

Lots of sailboats waiting for their owners across the road in the marina.

Then we headed the opposite direction, out to the Harbourmaster's office, and up on the short breakwater that protects the harbour's entrance.  This Song Sparrow sat there on the wind tattered branches staring at me long enough for a picture.

I'll end with another rare portrait of yours truly, looking a little shaggy these days, but you may notice that I sit up straighter in the chair, as what remaining trunk muscles I have are getting stronger.  Not so much of a bobblehead any more.


  1. We do love a fish fry especially a fundraiser one, always so very tasty and Pickerel we really love.
    Nice to get around the harbour and your portrait is wonderful you are looking great.

  2. You look fine, sitting up so well, and huge boulders, lighthouse, and a boat out there, not to mention the meal. We lived by a lake for years, on a section higher up, a spectacular view of Mount Tarawera, and I do miss that ,specially when I see your photos with water and views that go for miles.

  3. I couldn't see the lighthouse in the first shot. I did pick up the kayakers in the first shot however.

  4. What a wonderful day with delicious pickerel too! I didn't see the lighthouse in that picture but I sure saw the debonnair man in the last photo! :) you look fantastic!

  5. You look like you are about to pop right out of that chair for a dash down the beach. As I've said before you and I are so lucky to live close to such large fresh water bodies of water with their miles of scenic shorelines and inland wonders.

  6. Looks like it was a beautiful day to be down at the shore. You look pretty chipper nowadays -- glad to hear that you're building up your muscles (at our ages it take a lot longer than it used to).

  7. Beautiful day to be down by the shore line.
    If your Core Muscles continue to improve maybe some day you might not need that chair.
    Be Safe and Enjoy this well deserved weather.

    It's about time.

  8. You are looking good! A fish fry sounds wonderful. As I think about it, I don't think I've ever been to one. Nice they saved you a parking spot!

  9. I love to watch the sailboats on the bay. Daughter and I like to visit a Chinese place that has big windows looking out over the water. Good for viewing them drifting by.
    Had a fish fry here for dinner. Yummy.

  10. You look healthy. Great scenes!

  11. Thanks for the great pictures, especially that last one. You are looking great! :-)

  12. Many thanks for sharing these great scenes, and that photograph of you too, you are looking good.

    All the best Jan

  13. Any place with water makes for a great place to visit. It looks like a nice sunny day. You made me hungry for fried fish.