Friday, October 19, 2018

The Leaves Fall

Over just the past week the fall colour has changed fast.  From the first bright red leaves to a few trees that are already bare, the colour spreads through the trees and leaves start blowing away.

This is the tree, straight out our window, that first caught my eye a week ago.  It started turning red, but it's ended up a dull orange.  Half the leaves are gone.

 I think in another week this tree will be bare.

Lots of leaves blowing around the yard now.

Taking my anti-biotics at home intra-venously is working out fine.  A nurse comes once a day to run the the drugs through, and I just sleep.  On top of that IV anti-biotics make you sleepy compared to the pills.  So I'm having some very sleepy days, though it's probably good for me.


  1. So glad that things are working out so well for you---being at home.... I know you must be happier there --which will only make your health improve!!!!

    Every year is different when it comes to Fall... This year I don't think we'll get much color here.. We had too much rain in Sept. and then too warm in October... They say that the trees that do turn --will be very dull....


  2. We are not getting much color in MI either. Not so good for tourist industry.

  3. Like you we have noticed the trees lack the Brilliance they normally have.
    Hoping the Antibiotics will soon have you scooting around.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Hooray for antibiotics! Our colors won't be very good either. The sugar maple in the yard is totally bare already and didn't have much color before the leaves fell. Oaks haven't begun to turn color yet, so it looks like they'll be late -- not that they ever have spectacular color.

  5. Yes, autumn colors change rapidly.

  6. Home IV, that is so good, and those beautiful shades on the leaves. Here, my Japanese maple in a huge pot is green. No photo, it has been moved to stay with a friend until we shift in, after December 7th.

  7. The maples on Goat Island in front of our cabin are all but done. Many of the trees are already bare even though we haven't had a strong wind yet. I was lucky to get a few pictures before they went. Looks like you did as well. - Margy

  8. Our colors were dull this year. Yours look pretty! Hope you are feeling better! :)

  9. Yes we agree, the colours are not as lasting as other years and the wind is sure bringing them down quicker. Mother nature has her own agenda, we will just have to enjoy it while we can. It is good to hear you are on the mend, hopefully you feel like yourself soon. We leave here today, starting our journey south. Will be following you all winter and look forward to seeing you in the spring.

    1. Ditto to what Bill said above. Ontario Fall = don't blink because it will change. I really enjoyed the brilliant colours we had last week before the snowfall. :) Stay well my friend!!

  10. I too have really not seen the color in the bush lines along the far edges of farmer's fields and that I think is because many of our trees are still very green. Wouldn't it be nice if we had ourselves a good old fashion 'Indian Summer'.

  11. So glad to hear you're on the mend again and hopefully will soon be scooting around your environs. Our trees are in full color right now, and very brilliant indeed! :-)

  12. Your fall is like ours.
    Hope those antibiotics do the trick for you. Sleep is good.

  13. The sleep no doubt helps.

    Beautiful shots! Enjoy them while they last.

    I've probably taken the last of the fall colours for this year, but got a good amount of it in- I went up into the Gatineau Hills last weekend.

  14. Love this season - so many colours.

  15. I always enjoy the colours of the Autumn season.
    Continued good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

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  17. All these fall colors are wonderful. I need to hop on the bike and ride north.

  18. Ahhhh, sleep is good for healing bodies. So are you going to fasten some sort of leaf rake to your fancy wheels or just let them blow away?