Sunday, October 21, 2018

Bird's at the Feeder

A few days ago we had our first influx of winter birds at the feeders.  They came in a mixed group mid-morning, and stayed about half an hour.  I was surprised at the variety we saw.

This chickadee actually showed up before we put seeds in the feeders.  Made me wonder if they can remember the feeders from one year to the next.

Then the pair of Blue Jays I shared the other day dropped by.  I hope we keep seeing them; the colours are so bright.

We've also had some woodpeckers, this one a Hairy Woodpecker.

And this one, I think, is the smaller species, the Downy Woodpecker.

Both species of nuthatches were part of the group, and have both been back since.  This is the White-breasted Nuthatch, mostly blue/grey on the back and white underneath.

The Red-breasted Nuthatch is a rusty brown underneath, and slightly smaller.

For the first time a small flock of Dark-eyed Juncos visited, and stayed around quite a long time, scuffling in the leaves for food.

This is a sparrow who looked away just as I pressed the shutter, but I got a good look at it 'head-on'.  I think it was a White-throated sparrow.  Here's hoping we get lots more birds over the winter; they will add add a lot of interest to my days.


  1. I would like to see more things your wife made if you need an idea for your blog. She is very talented. I like the birds too.

  2. It's nice to be able to enjoy the different species of Birds in your own backyard.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I've been seeing all of those except the Juncos who always signify winter to me so I guess it is coming! It looks like you will be having a good variety of birds to watch in the months ahead.

  4. You have the same birds as we do. We like to watch them too...we feed all year round except in the spring we bring in the feeders at night:)

  5. Good catches on all the birds at your feeders. This early in the season we don't have that much variety at the feeders.

  6. A nice batch of birds to keep you entertained, it seems. I love the pretty woodpeckers and nuthatches especially. :-)

  7. It seems the birds show up in groups to the feeder. I guess they follow the guy who finds the feeder.

  8. Sharing by species. Thanks. I've never seen a Hairy Woodpecker so that was a nice treat.

  9. These are great for me to see, as they are all different from anything we'd see here.

  10. Watching all those wonderful birds at your feeders, sure is fun and you git some great pictures.

  11. The birds are pretty busy here too. I can believe how many sunflower seeds a blue jay can stuff in his maw before he flies off to hide them! I like to keep my eyes open for erratic visitors. We didn't get sparrows for years but they seem to be coming back.

  12. Great variety of birds stopped by for a visit. : )
    No bird feeders for us at the new house - it attracts the bears.

  13. Just dropped back to say I saw a flock of Juncos today - winter begins!

  14. As you know it sure gives one a good feeling to be able to put feeders out and help the birds along. And what a pleasant comfort it is to watch the little fellers excitedly flitting around as they come and go. Saw our first Junco of the season this afternoon. No Woodpeckers yet though. Must all be up at your place.

  15. They certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.

  16. Awesome pictures. They are so fun to watch and I LOVE the blue jays too.

  17. You are becoming a proper twitcher!

  18. Wonderful birds - what a great variety. I'm so glad they are visiting you!

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