Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Meaford Red Chair Tour

I have noticed three giant red Adirondack chairs recently, in odd locations.  There was one on the beach beside the playground in Meaford, and I took a picture.  But because I'd now seen three of these, all the same, I knew there must be something going on!

I even managed a shadow selfie on the chair by the bay. 

Then by chance I walked behind the chair, and found a big poster that explains it all.  The Meaford Red Chair Tour is a tourism marketing effort, a rather interesting one I thought, designed to attract people to particular sites in the region. There are ten of them, both in the town and in the surrounding township.

So we headed out on the tour one beautiful late November day, thinking we'd have fun seeing the red chairs and getting to a couple of new places.  What we didn't know was that they send out a crew to gather up these chairs and put them away for the winter!

So we stopped at FIVE different places on the tour before we saw a single red chair.  We only found ONE, still out there on the beach at Leith, a short distance from the cemetery where Tom Thomson is buried.   When you look closely, these chairs are HUGE!  They're mostly made of 2x10s and 2x12s.  It takes a crew of four to put them away for the winter.  Next spring when they're all in place again you can go on the tour yourself - get the map at 'Meaford Chairs'.
The view of the bay from the Leith red chair.

And to celebrate the wonderful visit we've had out here in Abbotsford with our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, a rare pic of Mrs. Furry Gnome and Mr. Furry Gnome.  We fly home tomorrow.


  1. Great chairs and great photos of you both, FG.

  2. Those are big chairs! Safe journey to you.

  3. Wow, those are HUGE chairs. And what a treat to see the Gnomes at last!! :-)

  4. Nice seeing pictures of you two. : )
    I didn't realize how big the chairs were till the picture of you in it.
    What a great idea.

  5. It is a wonderful way to celebrate that style of chair. Being oversized makes it fun. Great photos.

  6. Just love those chairs.
    Good to see the photo's of the two of you.

    Safe travelling

    All the best Jan

  7. Those are some gigantic chairs! Nice to see pics of you and your wife!

  8. Now that is a huge chair. Cute idea. At one time there was a blogger in Powell River that used a small red chair called Lil Red. It was placed in different locations for pictures about the places it "visited." - Margy

  9. Great chairs! We have one such chair in town, it is a great photo op and I enjoyed see your Mrs and you! :)

  10. It wasn't the big red chairs I noticed first it was the Furry Gnome folks themselves that I was drawn to. Nice to have a face to go with the words and I say thank-you for that. Now I will know you when I see you coming. The cat's out of the bag:))