Monday, November 28, 2016

Meaford Harbour

I hadn't been up to see the bay for a few weeks, so one day I went up to Meaford to check it out and get some pictures.  The boating season is almost over (and most years would be), and things in the harbour are winding down for another year.

Only a few boats still in the water.  Most were up on land for their winter storage, or taken home.

But the little light at the end of the breakwater was still flashing.

And on that day Georgian Bay looked incredible, blue water and blue sky, though not much in the way of waves.

The one motor yacht still in the water really appealed to me, all wood and brass trim.

You just don't see many boats like this in the harbour any more

It seems to be a local boat, out of Owen Sound, the next harbour to the west.

I snuck a peak in through the window, and it was all beautiful wood finish inside too.  If I had the money and the interest, that would be my kind of boat!

Stopped to say hello to the Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Westfort while I was passing.

Meanwhile it's been raining a lot out here.  November is the rainiest month and this year is the rainiest November in decades!  So we're not seeing much fun.


  1. That wooden yacht surely is beautiful. Reminds me of where I grew up(on saltwater)and boats like that were pretty common. Fiberglass, steel, aluminum and plastic just don't have the same appeal.

  2. That's a beautiful boat! The views of the wharf and harbour are nice on that clear sunny day. We've had the dreary dark days here as well except for today which was blue skies and sunshine. I guess we're going to get our first real snowstorm on Tuesday night. Should be interesting.

  3. The wood in the boat is so rich looking. Craftmanship!

  4. Lovely photos . One of my hubby's work associates has a huge yacht that has all real wood inside like that it is just beautiful he had it custom made a few years ago we went to see it last year ,just so beautiful . Yes a very rainy November I cant believe I am about to say this but I prefer snow to rain at least I can go out on snowy days and still take photos unlike rainy days YUK ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Nothing more wonderful than beautiful wood on a boat like this one. Yes, a rainy November for a lot of us! December arrive on Thursday, though! :-)

  6. Does the marina freeze? We take our boat out of the ocean marina for the winter and put it in a hangar with a roof for winter. We don't use it in the colder months, so it makes it easier to maintain and control mildew. But our lake boat stays in the water all year long because we use it to get to and from our cabin home. Neither or ocean or lake marinas freeze, so that isn't a problem for us. - Margy

    1. Yes, the harbours do freeze here, and the wind off the bay can push ice floes around doing a lot of damage if boats aren't lifted out. But few get put in a building; they get wrapped up in tarps.

  7. Lovely boat! Yes, I'm afraid winter is upon us.

  8. Few boats are built like that today. That one is probably as old as you or I.
    I think some of that winter breeze has followed us down here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. What a grand boat, Lots of work there to keep it looking so good. And blue skies and clear water, man could not ask for more.

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  11. Love it when the Georgian bay is calm like that spent many summers on this water as a child. wonderful memories.

  12. Yes that is my kind of boat too! Beautiful! I wonder sometimes about the people that own such a boat. :)