Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hike #4

The last long hike I have to share with you was on a stretch of the Bruce Trail north of Old Baldy.  We left one car there and drove north to catch the trail about 4 km. away.  Again, we had a great hike, a good chunk of it on trail I've never walked.

We started out working our way uphill on an old dog's-leg road allowance - though no cars have driven up here for a very long time!

The Beech leaves are drying out to light brown instead of the yellow we've been enjoying.

Fir the first stretch of the trail we were walking along the base of the cliff.  A landowner with a home above the cliff told me a couple of years ago about looking downhill and seeing a black bear amble across in front of him.  So for this hike I actually dug out my bear bell, and wore it, jingling away as we walked past the base of this cliff.

It was another of those beautiful sunny days, with lots of deciduous forest.

And in that habitat along the base of the cliff, there were lots of ferns - here the Northern Holly Fern and the Marginal Woodfern.  Both are evergreen and will stay green under the snow until next spring.

Then the trail headed straight uphill toward the cliff, and we discovered a deep wide crevice.  The trail goes straight up through it.

The forest on top of the cliff, which we followed for the rest of the walk, was quite different.  Here a big White Birch tree.

And in a couple of places there were viewpoints where you could look out over the valley, mostly looking gray now, with no leaves left on the trees.

More deciduous forest downslope of the cliff.

And curled up Beech leaves, drying out fast now.

There are two plaques in honour of significant donors to the Bruce Trail Conservancy along this stretch of the trail.  The last one above, attached in an inaccessible corner of the cliff.  I have no idea how they got it placed there!

Glad I've made so much progress on finishing my goal to hike all the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley section.  Just a few more bits to go now.  But we're expecting that white stuff tonight, and I think the beautiful fall hiking season is over now.


  1. That's so good when you can shuttle cars or hike a circle route. You get to see so much more. - Margy

  2. That white stuff has a habit of changing seasons. I do hope you get to finish this section before 2017 shows up. :-)

  3. White stuff arriving already in other places, roads closed, and so many forecasts of detailed areas. I need to remind myself, that NZ will fit into Ontario about 4 times!!! Love those plaques, what a mission to get them placed on those rocks.

  4. The Bruce Trail certainly looks like a great hike -- thank you for showing us portions of it. If ever I get up that way I'll have to spend some time on your trail.

  5. Love the ferns, such variety in ferns when you take a closer look. It is a beautiful trail, FG.

  6. What a wonderful hike and excellent pictures as usual.

  7. Great Pictures as always. That would be a hike I would love to do if the opportunity ever presented itself.
    Watch out for that White Stuff.
    When are you going to try out your RV. Anxious to see the photos you would come up with then.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. More great pictures of a great hike.

  9. Fall hiking really is the best! I like your photo of the tree shadows in the forest.

  10. That crevice shot is my favourite. Yes, we got the snow yesterday, and it's still snowing today.