Friday, November 6, 2015


I was driving home from Kitchener the other day when the sun was slowly setting (far too early now that daylight savings has ended).  The sun was a ball of fire dropping down over the horizon, with not a single cloud in the sky.  I thought I'd experiment with some different sunset shots.

It's funny how the light slowly dawns on you, sometimes by trial and error.  I was just looking for a foreground subject to make the sunset more interesting, and I like the result.  I`ve never shot sunsets like this.

I couldn't easily get a picture of the sun directly, so I just waited until it was behind some trees.

I drove on, and as the sun reached the horizon caught this shot.

 Several miles later, the sky was still glowing, so I thought I'd try some more.

I looked for a foreground subject (I was hoping for a barn), and knew this tower was coming up.   By this time I could hardly focus in the dark.

And then another tree.  I think this is my favourite shot of the evening.  In fact I think I've been converted to head out at dusk and see what photos of this sort I can capture.

And just ahead was the main transmission line from the Bruce Nuclear Plant to Toronto.  Another interesting evening shot.

All these photos were just hand-held, but I did have the car door to lean on to keep the camera steady.  Exposures range from quite fast at f11 to one-eighth sec., at f5.3.   I really must try more shots like this when the opportunity arises.


A front passed through this morning with 30 minutes of severe wind gusts and heavy rain, and then it continued a cloudy windy day.  The ominous grey clouds were just racing across the sky.  Power was out in parts of southern Ontario, and we lost our email for 6 or 8 hours, though we never lost power here.  The extra week of warmth (in early November no less!) has meant I`ve got more than the usual preparation for winter completed.  I even finished washing all the outside windows today, something I`ve never before accomplished as part of fall clean-up!

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  1. I really like the power line photos!
    Have a great week-end!

  2. Sorry about your email. Great shots though.

  3. Two trees, my favourite, great idea of perspective and distance, and the sky colours, fantastic.

  4. I'm worried about me; I like the power-line shots best.

  5. They are awfully nice, but I like the single tree pictures the best, too. :-)

  6. Those are the dark clouds we saw traveling up your way and though they might get us but as usual they didn't seems lots of storms go around our valley lol ! Fantastic shots . I to like taking sun rise and sun set photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. I love all these shots! We didn't get the really fierce winds here.

  8. What fun you are having. Susets are special and when we try different angles and settings, I think we just begi to touch on why they are so wonderful.

  9. They are all pretty but that first one was amazing!!