Monday, November 16, 2015

A Little Colour Left

The trees are pretty well bare, but there are still a few leaves around with a little colour.

This is our smoke bush outside the front of the house.  It's bright yellow-green in the summer, and I don't remember it ever turning colour before.  The leaves appear to stay green where they're in the shadow of another leaf - it's as if they're getting sunburned.

It's holding on to its leaves to the bitter end, though a few are falling off now.

I just thought the colour were a really interesting mixture.

The Ninebark shrub in the garden is looking equally bright yellow and green.

This one may be cheating a little, because I haven't gone back to check it for a week or two, but it was hanging on to its leaves longer than any other Oak tree.

Not all the colours are bright.  The leaves of this Common Mullein are a gentle blue-green, covered in frost this morning.

But most leaves looks like this - lying on the ground!

These leaves are exactly where they're supposed to be - mulched and spread over one of the garden beds for the winter.

In spite of these few leaves I've found for you, most of the world looks like this - bare and brown.


Yet another unbelievable November day, warm and sunny.  Managed a long hike through the karst, past the sinkholes and down the cliff to see the spring where the sinkholes come out.  Then back and forth along the main part of the Bruce Trail, just a beautiful walk through the woods.  Went with a friend who had never been in to see the karst before, and he was really fascinated.  Maybe once the new trail is developed, we'll get a few organized interpretive hikes going.

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  1. Those are some beautiful leaves! Thanks for the photos, of these and the lichens in your previous post. (Thanks for the link to my blog, as well!). You live in a beautiful part of the world.

  2. Such pretty leaves on your smoke bush!

  3. Lovely photos. Good for you and all the walking!

  4. No frost here quite yet, but our trees have been unusually stunning in their color.

  5. Wonderful photos ! I like walking through the woods still so much to photograph is you really look different textures with moss , fungi and logs one can really see the lands beauty even in all this bare brownness . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Yes, still some pretty colors around there. I like how you described the leaves having a sunburn. : )

  7. Most of the leaves here are on the ground too. Beautiful shots!

  8. Natures pallet will soon rest for a while.

  9. This is the most interesting and colourful time for our trees and the changes are so satisfying to capture. After our strong winds in Britain this week, there are not that many left.

  10. Gorgeous tree! I am hoping to get some clearing down here at my place soon. I need to get out and about!

  11. So beautiful photos! So many colors this time of the year,