Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spring is on Its Way!

We had a beautiful sunrise the other day, when the sun managed to stay within sight below the clouds for half an hour.  But what I noticed immediately was that the sun was rising considerably to the east of where it did only a month ago!  The sun is moving north again; spring is on its way!
Compare these two photos carefully.  The one above was two days ago; the one below was taken on Jan. 4th.  They're both taken from the same spot on our upstairs balcony, and those are the trees in our fencerow that always show up in my sunrise pictures.  If you check the position of those two largest trees, you'll see the sun has moved well to the east!

I've been thinking that often in the middle of winter we don't see much change happening in the seasons, just snow and more snow - unlike in the summer, when there are new and different flowers in bloom every few days.  But this reassured me; the season is indeed changing, and unfolding as it should.

The sunrise actually started out very pink, covering much of the southern sky, though the clouds were closing in from the north behind me. Actually it was red before this, but it took a few minutes to get dressed and grab my camera!

I was intrigued with these small cloud puffs sticking downwards from the main cloud, or floating just below it.  They were all casting upside-down shadows from the rising sun in my direction on the bigger cloud just above them.

The sunrise gradually turned to orange from pink, and eventually died out when the sun disappeared into the clouds.
But this was what struck me, that sun rising well to the east of those two big ash trees, telling me that the seasons are indeed changing as they should.

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  1. Stunning colors and beautiful skies! Gorgeous photos. I hope we have an early spring. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Fantastic skies! Don't you just love sunrises and sunsets? As long as there's clouds, that is.

  3. I notice the time the sun sets over the hill behind in. By mid'December it is gone before 3PM and we never see sunshine on the floor in the back bedroom. Yesterday I had put the plants in the sunbeams for a nice bit of light! There is still light in the sky by 7PM too!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous sunrise photos. The colours and the layers of clouds are amazing. I have also noticed a considerable difference in our sunrise and sunset here. It's all good!

  5. Yes Spring ist on its way-:)

    These are fantastic pictures from the sun rising. The colours changing from pink to orange are really wonderful. It is worth to rise early in the morning to see such a sunrise!
    Have a happy week!

  6. Those are lovely skies! I love the colors that you captured.

  7. Bear has just dropped over from DJan's place, for a quick visit.

    My goodness those are intriguing pictures. Variations on a scene, so to speak. Delightful colours especially. And yes, the sun is "moving north." Each day, we get a full hour of sun more than we did at Christmas. Though it's still cold.

    Peace and joy!

  8. Nice series. I used to regularly do "kitchenhenge" on my blog, but got a little bored with it.

  9. Gorgeous shots. That is one thing I notice more in the winter is the sun's path since we live in the woods and only see the sun overhead in the summer. Everyone keeps telling us to take out a lot of the trees to see the vistas but I kind of like it the way it is.

  10. Beautiful shots, I run out to take photos in my nightgown all the time. You should mark that spot on the balcony and then give us a photo and in ten days or two weeks take another:):)

  11. such magnificent skies… yes I am watching the sun's journey across the sky each morning through my bedroom window… little by little drawing us nearer to spring.