Friday, February 7, 2014

February Skies

The arctic winds and temperatures have moderated a bit, and we just have normal -15°C February weather, with an excess of snow.  Snowbanks along the roads are still frighteningly huge in places, but the other day we did get a morning of sunshine.

This is the road into town.  Note how the drift on the right (10 feet high beside the car) has crept out onto the road in front, narrowing this lane to only about 3 feet.  Yesterday they came along with the giant snowblower and cut this back about 10 feet - much safer!

The stop sign at this corner had disappeared entirely until they came along with that giant snowblower!

But that's only where it's drifting; many of our roads are like this, just nice winter scenery - though not many are lined with forest like this.The snowplow operators here do an amazing job of keeping the roads open and clear.

Also on that sunny morning, this is the view southeast from the top of the abandoned Talisman ski hill.  You can see the bump of the cliffs at Old Baldy just right of centre, on the far side of the valley, and the houses of the village of Kimberley down in the valley on the right, behind the trees.

And this is the same view to the northeast, with an unused old snow-making gun sitting on the slope.  It's too hazy in the distance to see Georgian Bay on the left today, or else it was snowing over there.

And for those of you looking for more on the Glenelg ski trails, this is the other spot I wanted to share, the 'Cathedral' run through a mature stand of reforested spruce, a beautiful long gentle slope.  I've skiid more this year than any other recently, and I'm getting really comfortable even with the curving trails downhill!  It's the greatest exercise.

Tomorrow I think I'll leave winter behind for awhile, and start sharing some of the pictures of last year's travels.  It's no longer safe to park along the rural roads here with the huge snowbanks crowding in, so photographic explorations are a little limited, but we have lots of photos from a few holidays elsewhere.  Check back tomorrow for the 'streets' of Venice!

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  1. Your wonderful snowy pictures always remind of two words: "Winter Wonderland!"

  2. Lovely photos, as usual. It has gotten very windy & much colder here North of Wiarton. Brr ...

  3. More great winter photos. Are you getting tired of the snow yet and longing for spring?

    1. No, I've learned there's no point until March, so I just devote Jan. and Feb. to enjoying winter!

  4. Beautiful scenery. We've got so much snow here in Iowa. I feel your pain.

  5. Every snow photo enchants me like no other, and I never tire of any at all. Super ski run, to most of us here in NZ that is a real luxury, to have it nearly at your back door. Those huge snow banks, I would say " Those wonderful men in their snow-plough machines". Cheers from Jean.

  6. I can see why people would think of that place as The Cathedral.

  7. Man, those snowbanks are/were high! Good thing you have good road clearing there. Our NB road budget was cut drastically this year so we aren't getting the good service of the past. The Cathedral trail is really beautiful. A good name for it. We have had some gorgeous sunny days and blue skies this week.

  8. Who said winter isn't beautiful? Awesome winter photos.

  9. Nice that there is a hill with clear views, although it would probably be nicer if the skiing were open.