Sunday, February 2, 2014

Roadside Maples

On several of my drives around the Beaver Valley region I've found beautiful lines of roadside sugar maples.  And we have had at least a few sunny days in the last two months to add the blue sky.  As you can see by the lack of snowbanks, these were all taken in December or early January; today the snowbanks would be 4-5 feet high.

 Road 120 shortly after the late Dec. ice storm.

 Sideroad 19 on a frosty morning.

 Sideroad 19 looking the other direction!

Sideroad 15 shortly after that Dec. ice storm.
Here the snowbank today is nearly 8' high!

I can't resist adding one individual tree, lightly coated in ice glistening in the sun.

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  1. Sure looks prettier than the city streets! I love your ice tree!

  2. I really like all of these photos. The stark beauty of the rows of trees and the straight roads are beautiful. The frost and the sunlight and blue sky add to the beauty. Wonderful shots!

  3. There is something so appealing about a photo of a road lined with trees. I love them!

  4. It's just great that the municipalities leave trees at the edge of the road rather than cleaning everything out of the ditch. You were there with a good eye for a photo.

  5. Hi, I'm watching the Big Super Bowl game AND the commercials with one eye --and blogging with the other. The lady who sang the National Anthem was AWESOME, best I've heard that song sung in YEARS... Wow!!!!

    Gorgeous photos... Love seeing all of that snow. I would love to find your area on a map... Can you share something with us as to where your area is?


  6. Really pretty photos - my favorite is the last one.

  7. I feel like I've seen this before, lol. Seems we have all seen enough of Winter, can't wait to see those little shoots out of the ground. Lovely pictures,

  8. Lovely pics.. even if I am getting sick of the snow around here. Still it sure is pretty.. no denying that.

  9. We have frosty trees here this morning. Lovely. And I do like the roads lined with trees. They seem bent on removing them for "safety" here.

  10. Hello, FG

    I've grown to count on you for some beautiful shots of rural Ontario. I trust you have a set of winter tires to guide you safely along the country roads. The sky seems more intensely blue on sunny winter days; maybe that's to compensate for the number of grey ones.

    Thanks for another mini-roadtrip with a big sky, expansive fields and stately trees!


  11. Wonderful pictures. I bet those trees are beautiful in all the seasons!!

  12. I like seeing the trees lining the roads. That is not something we see down here very often.

  13. Beautiful photos. The combination of blue sky, white snow and skeletal trees is always a winning one.

  14. Does anyone collect sap to make maple syrup from all those maples?

    1. Yes, sometimes you see a whole line of maples with syrup buckets hanging from them - won't be long now!

  15. Gorgeous photos! The maples seem to emanate warmth somehow.