Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Views of the Valley III

I kept driving around the area that beautiful sunny day, and got a few more pictures, continuing to look particularly for viewpoints over the countryside that made an interesting photo.  These ones are taken outside the actual Beaver Valley, but in the countryside not too far away.

In 4 of these I found a big old maple tree with a view across the fields and woods behind that I thought made a good photo.  The barn in the distance  adds an interesting focal point while the tree and the fence in the foreground help frame this one.

I'm thinking of these photos partly as a photographic experiment.  I saw some very expensive large pictures at a gallery in Vermont where the photographer took approximately the same shot of a rural landscape at three different seasons.  I'm thinking of doing the same thing with some of these, so these will be the winter shots.

This one doesn't have a barn, but it does have a series of fields retreating into the distance until the farthest one is the fourth field over.  That's so typical of the countryside around here.

This may be the best of the group, with the red barn, and it's closer, as well as the tree fence framing the view.  I find myself wondering now what these views will be like in spring, summer and fall.

For comparison,  this one doesn't cut it for me, because it lacks a focal point in the distance, even though the maple tree up close is very nice.  I think you learn a lot of landscape photography through trial and error.

This is just a different sort of shot, shot nearly into the sun, creating the contrast of shadows and snow and trees, in this case heavily coated in frost.  I stopped partly because I had never noticed the stream course in the summer, but in the winter it's quite obvious as a small valley curving toward me.

And of course there were lots of interesting individual big old sugar maple trees like this one along these roads as I drove around.

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  1. Lovely winter scenes. My favorite is the last shot of the tree. Have a happy week!

  2. I think it will be interesting to see some of these photos in the other 3 seasons especially with the maple trees in them. Beautiful photos. I like the one with the red barns and the big maple in the last one. Do you still have that much snow there?

    1. Yes, we have more snow now. These were all taken before the big storm with 18" more. Since then it's been above freezing a couple of days, so the snow has compacted a fair bit. But the plows have been around again pushing the snow banks back a bit to be ready for next, so now they're higher than ever, and hard and crunchy instead of soft.

  3. More great photos of the valley. Love that last one showing the Maple... PERFECT winter photo.

  4. You have a good eye. I love your project. I've done this, comparing my frog pond. Good for you!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON!

  5. Good project, I do have some views of the sane place in different seasons..I will have to find them. Thanks for the reminder.

    I like the starkness of the one without a focal point..I think it does have one..the snow humps:)

  6. I love winter's long blue shadows. Our snow is gone now, it rained for two days.

  7. I like the 3rd and 5th ones! I wish I had a set of our huge mulberry tree in each season from before it was cut down.

  8. soooo beautiful!! the snow is always breathtaking when the sun comes out!!

  9. You' e captured a beautiful landscape in a wonderful series of shots!

  10. Terrific series of wintry shots! Somehow, I really favor that third shot with the red buildings in it.

  11. Very nice photos, I agree that the third one with the barn red barn is the best -- but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, here in Pennsylvania snowy winters seem to be a thing of the past.

  12. I do that where I live. At least once a week I get a shot of the Delaware River from my front deck in roughly the same spot. Amazing how different each photo is. Can't wait until spring comes.

  13. It's definitely a good idea to do that. I have tended to take shots from the same general location- a bridge over the Rideau Canal, for instance- in more than one season, and it's a good way to mark the passing of time.

    That stream bed in winter shot really speaks to me. These are beautiful images.