Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Walk

This was two weeks ago now, but it was a perfect Sunday afternoon, and we took our grandson (and his parents), on one of the gentle walks along the Bruce Trail where he could run free.  The fall colours were glorious in the late afternoon sun.

The beech leaves were especially beautiful, ranging from golden to brown, and hanging on longer than many of the other leaves.  They're always one of my favourites.

 I'll find these on young beech saplings even while snowshoeing in mid-winter.

The stretch of trail we chose to walk is a very gentle one through the forest above the Niagara Escarpment cliff, very easy walking.  The leaves were rustling underfoot all the way.

A cardinal rule of photography is to shoot with the sun behind you, but I find breaking rules is often good (at least in photography), and shooting into the sun often provides the most striking pictures.  I just make sure the camera is hidden in a tree shadow so the sun doesn't glare off the actual lens.

This was about the peak of fall colour for us, no reds, but plenty of yellow and orange. My favourite view in the woods - up into the canopy.

We walked as afar as a spot where you come out to a lookout over the valley.  Here you can see the forest below us, a few farm fields, then the wide forested swamp in the valley floor, before the trees march up the east slope.

For anyone interested locally, this is the Bruce Trail stretch north of Sideroad 13 on the west side of the valley.


  1. A beautiful woods walk! Love the golden colour and the view of the valley.

  2. Beautiful Fall Colors up there. We have some pretty colors down here also... Are you getting snow now? Some folks in parts of your country are getting some now... Yipes.

    1. Yes, we had 4" last Thursday, and little bits of it are still around.

  3. What a glorious countryside, all golden and glowing! Is all your snow gone already?

  4. Wow, gorgeous colors. What a pretty spot for a walk! Lovely photos. Have a happy day!

  5. Wow, amazing fall colors! photos looking beautiful..
    Such you have a great time for walk..

  6. Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Absolutely wonderful colors. Thanks for breaking the rules and making for some fabulous pictures! :-)

  8. oh what a wonderful place for a walk!! i love autumn, it's really the most beautiful time of the year!!

  9. Gorgeous photos!! I too take picture into the sun!