Friday, October 25, 2013

Blustery Skies

The snow is slowly melting, and there's a lot more sun than was in the forecast, but the blustery skies remain.  Dark gray clouds bring brief snow or rain showers and then bright blue skies bring back the sunshine.

This was the sky after lunch on our geology hike last Sunday.  Some pretty ominous clouds sweeping in from the western horizon - they look like snow clouds to me.

In fact they weren't coming toward us, but sweeping across the landscape in front of us, the dark clouds contrasting with these old hawthorn trees in the pasture beside the trail.

We carried on regardless (we had to; our cars were waiting for us).  But we never did encounter either rain or snow, surviving the hike with just a lot of muddy boots.

This was today, when I went out for another short walk along the trail.  Streamers off Lake Huron were bringing those alternating dark gray clouds and the bright blue sky in between all day long.

Off for another two geology hikes this weekend; I'll report on them after the weekend.

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  1. Wonderful shots! I've been to Ontario but I'm not familiar with where Beaver Valley is located.

  2. The Beaver Valley is about two hours northwest of Toronto, running south from Georgian Bay for 30 miles.

  3. Beautiful sky photos!! Your weather sounds like my weather.

  4. Very nice shots of the very big sky. Ominus was the word that came to mind when I saw that first photo!

  5. Those sky photos are gorgeous. What wonderful colours that truly depict the season that is upon us.

  6. Beautiful scenes! We had a hard frost on Friday but no snow yet, although they got a light snow south of us in Galax, Virginia.