Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finally, a Heavy Frost

The temperature dropped to minus 8 (Celsius) last night, and we woke to a heavy frost.  The grass was white, and frost crystals rimmed all the dying plants in the garden.  It vanished fast in the sun, but I got a few pictures before it disappeared.

 The lawn looked white toward the rising sun.

 The boxwood on the edge of the garden were rimmed in frost.

 This ninebark leaf was totally covered in frost crystals.

 And this raspberry, glowing red in the morning sun.

 A patch of unmowed grass in the shade.

 Seed heads of the pink coneflowers.

 A 7 foot tall mullein that hid in a back corner of the garden.

One of my favourite fuzzy leaves.

 And yes, we do have a little bit of last week's 4" snowfall still left, in spots where it's mostly shaded.

We have a steep roof and the snow cascades off it fast, landing with a whoosh and a thump.  But it consolidates, as does the snow in a real avalanche, becoming more like ice than snow.  Right across in front of our front door, I'm hoping for sunshine to melt this still, instead of having to chop it into pieces!

And the little roses survived it all, both the snow and the frost!


  1. I love mornings like that! The pattern on the ninebark leaf is neat. You had me going there a minute with 8 below. Then I realized it's Celsius!

  2. That IS a bit chilly, but it makes for some beautiful photos.

  3. The frost provided you with some great photo-ops!

  4. We had the same frost (-6), the same night, but no snow yet. The Bruce is milder in the fall (but takes longer to warm up in spring).

  5. The frost is beautiful on the plants. Nice photos!