Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First 'Winter' Storm!

I refuse to call it really winter; it's just too early.  Maybe if it was early November, but not in October.  This morning was cold and windy, and by noon the arctic clouds were starting to blow  across the land.  Alternating dark grey and blue sky, they brought brief heavy showers of sleet.  By the time supper was ready, the yard looked at least a little white.

I knew it was coming when I saw the pictures from Minnesota the other day, on the Far Side of Fifty blog.  But I was hoping it could somehow avoid us.  Perhaps the weather gods will bless us and give us a nice sunny November!

The dark grey clouds certainly looked like snow clouds, here heading straight towards us.  The white contraptions in the lower left are older-style snow guns at the ski hill.

No sooner had the dark grey clouds blown in on the blustery winds than they passed with a 4-minute sleet shower, and we were back to blue sky.  Some beautiful patterns in the sky as the clouds passed.

 But looking out the kitchen door the results were clear; half an inch of sleet across the deck....,

 on the tables (with our butterfly decoration)....,
and in the deck chairs.  I don't usually try to have these all packed away for the season before Nov. 1, our annual self-imposed deadline for snow tires, snowblower hook-up, and generally being ready for winter.

And in the garden the last of the tiny roses, looking a little faded by now, show up against the snow.

While the leaves on the grass are also glazed in white.

And a bright sugar maple seedling stands out against the sleet.  Unfortunately I know there'll be more to come.  I enjoy winter from December to March, but I'd prefer it not arrive yet!


  1. Pretty pictures. I know it's hard to see snow this early but at least it doesn't last long. I like the little maple sapling.

  2. I'm not ready for winter yet either! They're calling for wet snow flurries tonight here and I'm dreading it. I'm good with no snow until November. :)

  3. That first photo is gorgeous! Love all the ice crystal photos - especially the Butterfly on the table.

  4. I think the leaves are so pretty with the sleet on them.
    We had rain/snow showers but nothing stuck.

  5. Being so close, it is strange how the weather can quite different. We had some sun yesterday and the sleet came only around 6 PM tonight (Wednesday). It is way too early for winter!

  6. Looks just like here. Probably the "same" clouds a few hours apart.