Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two More Butterflies and a Moth

Sorry these images aren't perfectly clear, but they're the best of dozens, even though I thought I was doing well at the time.  But they are all totally new to me.  I've never been aware of seeing a hairstreak butterfly of any kind, so seeing two different ones was great. The moth itself was tiny, perhaps 2 cm across, but beautiful up close.

The moth, totally white, and only about half the size of a cabbage white butterfly, is a Northern Eudeilinia Moth based on what I could find, with a fine white fringe along the outer edges of its wings.

This first butterfly is a striped hairstreak.  The hairstreaks all have the remarkable coloured area and most have tiny 'tails' on the back end of their wings.  This one is noted for the blue spot capped by an orange spot, and the wide darker brown bands bordered in white on the rest of the wings.

And this one is the only hairstreak without one of the tiny 'tails', the coral hairstreak, noted for the curved line of orange spots as well.  This makes 3 moth and 9 butterfly species so far this season, though not all got captured in a decent photo!  Remarkably, these two butterflies are taken while feeding on the valerian, just as all five species shown in Saturday's post were!  Good plant for butterflies!


  1. Exquisite! So many beauties all around us, once we start looking for them. Thanks for posting these.