Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Having shown you the flowers up close, it seems logical to share a few pictures of actual hosta plants, since they're so well known for the beautiful leaves (and their willingness to flourish in the shade).  These plants do form part of a collection, so we do have labels, and I can tell you the names.  So here's a taste of the hostas in our collection.

Gypsy Rose

Captain Kirk (behind) and Lemon Lime (foreground)

The largest two in this view are Blue Moon (left) and Gold Standard (right).

 One of my favourite, Paradigm.


In the foreground, Leading Edge (right) and September Sun (left).

Another favourite, Twilight (right) and Centre of Attention (left).

One particularly dense corner of our hosta garden - some are even buried underneath!

And one more corner.  That's all the hostas for now!


  1. Beautiful hostas ,corner is a lovely mix. Think Captain Kirk my fav.

    1. Thanks for visiting. Enjoyed the day lilies in your post too. Always enjoy finding another Ontario blogger. You must I've down near Long Point if you're volunteering at Backus Woods.

  2. I love the different shades of green. Hostas are such attractive plants.

  3. Your hostas are so beautiful. There are so many varieties of them aren't there? I have the Gold Standard, among others, and it's so huge this year. Thanks for visiting. Pam

  4. I never really thought about Hosta too much. I have them, they thrive on neglect so I keep them. We recently visited a place near Burritts Rapids called Rideau Woodland Ramble. It's a nursery/garden center/
    parkland that specializes in Hosta (though there are other plants as well). I've totally fallen in love with them after seeing how beautiful they can be. I especially love a giant called Elephant Ears. Such a spectacular plant.

    1. Thanks Karen. They are certainly useful plants in our garden.

  5. I love your hostas, they are pretty. The Gypsy Rose is one of my favorites. Beautiful images.