Sunday, July 7, 2013

Flowers in the Meadow

Some would call them all just 'weeds', but the wildflowers in the meadow are spectacular at the moment.  Yellow of the trefoil, cinquefoil and brown-eyed susans seems to predominate, but there are a lot of flashes of purple from the vetch and the viper's bugloss, along with white and pink.  It's just a jungle of grasses, weeds, and sparkling bright flowers.

The brown-eyed susans are just beginning; we'll have a large bright patch where I threw in some prairie seed mixture about 5 or 6 years ago.  They took 3 years to get started, but now they're spectacular.

It's impossible to capture the vision my eyes see, but here's my best shot so far.  I know I will go on experimenting with meadow shots to try and capture an image of the flowered landscape..

There's the light pale yellow of the cinquefoil, scattered here and there, fairly sparse compared to the others.

There's the bright deep yellow of the trefoil, widely escaped from pasture and hay mixtures, commonly lining roadsides at this time of year. It seems to be everywhere.

There's little point in trying to get pictures of the vetch without a European skipper or two; they're everywhere - these two locked in coital bliss.

There are three skippers visiting this viper's bugloss, one of the most unusual weedy plants in my mind.  Close-up it's beautiful, and it's one of the few true blue flowers, in places lining roadsides instead of the trefoil.

Put these together with the mallow, and at time it's just a jungle of foliage and colour, again with a visiting skipper or two fluttering through the picture..  

The musk mallow comes in both white and pink in our area; scattered blooms colour the meadow, the roadside and the ditches.

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  1. You're lucky to enjoy so much beauty.

    Pretty flowers!

    Keep spreading seeds. I think I might do the same.

    1. If you're going to spread any prairie seed mixtures, be prepared to be patient!

  2. Wild flowers have a wild beaut, very difficult to capture. And how the butterflies relish them!

  3. Wildflowers are my favorite...

    They fill the fields with fabulous color... Simply beautiful!'

    Fantastic post...

    Thanks for linking to the letter "F"!


    1. Thanks so much for the kind comments. And wildflowers are certainly my favourite. Since we moved here and I started paying attention to the meadow (I just mow trails through it), I'm continually amazed by what I find and how it changes over the season.

  4. Beautifully captured meadow flowers! Yes, it's an amazing experience to see all these colorful wildflowers in the meadows.