Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back to the Garden - It's Day Lily Season!

It's the brightest season of the year in the garden.  As long as the day lilies bloom we'll have bright colours to flash in the sun.  In fact, parts of the garden are a riot of colour right now.  As you can see by the pictures I love the bright colours.  Anything orange appeals to me!

This one is 'Saugeen Sunrise', perhaps our favourite day lily, a very prolific bloomer.  To show you how naive I was as a gardener, I didn't realize just 3 or 4 years ago, that each bud on a day lily blooms for one day - thus the term day lilies!

This one, a little plainer orange, but just as bright, is 'Start Me Up'.  To me they were all just nice flowers, but I'm gradually learning the names of the ones that particularly appeal to me.

The third orange one, with a deeper reddish 'throat', the area in the centre, is 'Orange Electric'.  I'd just go on buying the bright coloured ones, but there are lots of others.  I'm just biased in my preferences.  It's the very same with my wife's other hobby, quilting - the brighter the better.

These three blooms together are 'Across the Road'.  The number of buds on a day lily stalk, and the number of stalks on a plant together determine how often it will bloom.  Better plants produce more stalks with more buds and therefore bloom for a longer period.

'French Twist' has an unusual interesting texture to the red leaves.

And finally, 'Scotch Rock', one of the darkest flowers we have, a deep royal purple colour.  They're all simply beautiful.  If you get a chance to visit a day lily garden at this time of year, please do so!


  1. WOW---what gorgeous Daylilies.... We have some similar ones with different names... I love all of yours since I like bright colors also... I guess --if I had to pick a favorite, I'd choose Orange Electric... Awesome!!!!! BUT--I love them all. I'll post another yard blog on Wed. this week--and another Daylily one next week. Did you go back and see our Lilies??? I published a post a couple of weeks ago. Go to my sidebar and scroll down to Lilies 2013...

    Have a great day..

  2. Brilliant! I like the bright colours too. Scotch Rock looks very rich. Sheri

  3. Betsy, I did see your daylilies, nearly two weeks ago. Ours were just barely started then, but there are a lot out now. Yours are really beautiful.

  4. I love daylilies. Yours are gorgeous. I particularly love that last one. Just perfect!

    1. Thanks for visiting Barb. I've been following your cruise up the Norwegian coast, and thinking that would be a great idea!

  5. I love Day Lillies.

    I used to live in the Ottawa Valley -- Cobden -- to be exact !

    Still remember the "Big Joe Mufferaw" song ...

  6. They are so lovely.. the colours just scream SUMMER! Thanks for your lovely photos.

  7. Thank you all for visiting; glad you enjoyed the day lilies.