Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day Fireworks!

We went to the big Canada Day fireworks celebration in Priceville last night, the event of the day for this region, and it was great as usual.  Loud and crowded!  Here's a selection of my successful shots; a lot weren't!

For anyone interested, these were taken on a tripod, shutter on manual, aperture about f8, manual focus adjusted before it got dark, and exposed for 4-8 seconds on the bulb setting, just by holding the shutter down.

Happy Canada Day everyone!                       Linking to the Great Canadian Blog Bash.


  1. It's strange, the fireworks look a little like some flowers I have seen. I hope you had a happy Canada Day.

  2. Lovely fireworks shots! I love photographing them but it is, indeed, difficult to get the effects just right in terms of lights and trailing light. You captured these beautifully.

  3. Boy, thanks for the compliments! I didn't realize they were that good - and there were a lot that didn't turn out so well. The biggest challenge was adjusting camera controls in the dark. Though I thought I had everything pre-set, the camera didn't agree with me, and sometimes refused to take a picture. Then I was stumbling around trying to figure out what was wrong with my settings. One useful thing was to avoid zooming in, but to shoot large and then later crop where needed.

  4. Some great shots! Far better then anything I've managed to capture involving fireworks. Thanks for linking up with #TGCBB.