Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I'm Back!

Well, I've enjoyed a nice relaxing break away from the pressure of a daily blog posting.  Let me tell you a little about the thinking I've done and the decisions I've made.  

It started with recognizing for myself the pandemic rut I was in.  As I've written and told people several times, staying at home during lockdown hasn't been that different from normal life for me, and I expect the same would be said by many of the mobility-limited.  But I've got comfortably used to it; in particular I haven't stayed in touch with my coffee buddies.  I'm just too comfortable!

I also need to remember that I simply don't have the hours in a day that all of you do, as I'm only out of bed and upright for about 11 or 12 hours a day.  And out of that comes time for meals, exercise, going for a ride and anything else I do.  Finding time for organizing photos and writing a blog post is difficult at the best of times, especially in the summer.

So I've made several decisions.

- I will write two blog posts a week, one an update on the garden and such, and one a post on some other featured story I want to tackle.

- I have organized the two projects I need to finish, and got some ideas for future projects,

- I have decided to also focus on writing a Blurb book on some our past travels; some of this work may find its way into the blog as well.

- I have found a new route to ride that is both all smooth pavement and has interesting things to see.

- And I need to find a way to re-organize my coffee group.

And for those of you who come to the blog looking for pictures, here are a few.

It starts right outside my front window, which looks like this at the moment.

I've got downtown for a ride a couple of times recently.  Now that we're through the winter and bug seasons, it's construction season here in Meaford.  The main street is closed at one end of downtown, Nelson Street near me is a mess as they put in a new watermain, and east of town they're paving, with enormous delays for traffic.

We did get out for a ride on Saturday, driving down in a somewhat new direction to the tiny hamlet of Massie where we stopped by the village millpond.

This intriguing historic house is on my new smooth riding route, along Thompson and Trowbridge Streets in the older part of town - a smooth ride and interesting too!

To forecast one of the featured stories I want to write about, this is the Bighead River along the Trout Hollow Trail.  There has been a big land donation here which includes both the 150 year old site where John Muir lived and worked in 1864-65, and the old Georgian Bay Power Plant.  I'll tell you a lot more soon.

And finally, my favourite new flower in the garden this year, a Cleome.  Scientists disagree on the botanical classification of this plant, but this is probably Cleome hassleriana.  It is native to southern south America and is also known as Spider Flower or Grandfather's Whiskers.  I can relate to that!

Thanks for allowing me this break and these changes, and hope you enjoy the results.


  1. Welcome back. You've got a good list of priorities. I could never blog every day, my life and interests are too boring. :p

  2. good stuff and i always enjoy a great routine...i need to get settled in to one since i have been home. everything is so different!! the historic home is so pretty but what about the tree on the left, it looks like it is carved and may be more intriguing than the house!!

    i'm glad your back, i enjoy both your pictures and your stories!!

  3. Spider flower, a friend grew some in a warmer climate further north form where we are now, they thrived.A book on your travels, as a family in early days maybe? this will be very special.And the new route, what a delight to find smooth pathways.

  4. Daily blogging is too much of a grind for anyone. I applaud that you stuck with it for so long, but I don't blame you for scaling back the frequency of your posts. I will continue to enjoy your posts, however often they occur.

  5. Nice that during your blog break you sorted out your plans for future posts. Twice a week sounds like a great idea.
    That house is so interesting. If you find out any information on it I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to hear it.

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  7. Nice to see you back.
    Pleased to read that you have sorted, and decided, your blog plans for future posts.
    I am sure you will find two a week works well.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  8. Beautiful photos as always. Sounds like you've come up with just the right solution to blogging for you.

  9. Good to see you back. We all need a break sometimes and it's good to occasionally head in a new direction -- I'm looking forward to your blog posts to come.

  10. A sensible decision. Terrific shots.

  11. I look forward to reading your posts when you have time and material to do them. We all need to relax a bit without deadlines after the last couple of years - especially you. Stay well.

  12. I can't even imagine being committed to writing a blog post daily. Nor can I imagine that I would have enough to say. Twice a week sounds fine to me.

  13. I don't have a schedule for posting, but many do, and it works for them. I just never know what I am doing from one day tot he next.

  14. Interesting changes indeed you have made. All good ones I may add. Yes, that daily blogging thing is not easy at times and I too have my go arounds with it. I think the diversity of your writing topics will serve you well and keep your mind challenged. A good thing for we older fellas I'd say.

  15. You can do what ever you are comfortable with her on your blog! I always enjoy your flowers!

  16. You came back!! I knew (and hoped) you would. :)
    Blogs are fun only if we can do them at our own pace and with no pressure so your decisions make total sense. I'll look forward to those 2X weekly postings.
    I hope you enjoy working with Blurb, it can be frustrating until you get the hang of it but I'm sure you'll master it! Having a coffee table book of your travels will be a treat for you and Mrs. FG.:)
    I love the historic house and would love a tour! haha

  17. I decided a few years ago that two blog postings a week would suffice, and keep me from always trying to find something to write about. I love all your pictures, and I especially love that pink beauty! :-)