Monday, July 5, 2021

Back Down to the Harbour

I've been back down to the harbour a couple of times recently, stopping at the side of the inner harbour and just watching what's going on.    I keep watching for different things to photograph but I'm running out of ideas.  Still, I keep managing to take more photos.

I often ride along at least one block of our two-block downtown.  These are the patios where they've blocked off traffic beside about four restaurants.

In the last block of Nelson before the water someone has fixed up this old cottage very nicely, and now it's for sale.  It was in very bad shape before and I thought it might just get torn down.  Looks good now; I hope it's actually been fixed inside too.

The harbour of course had a number of industries around it many years ago, including a grain elevator and the train station.  This vacant lot was one of the old shoreline factories, still vacant after many years.  You can still make out the outlines of the old buildings.  I think the town should be pushing the owner to do something with it.

Down at the shore they were just starting to get the sails up at the sailing school.  I figured they might be getting things ready for the summer sessions.

And I was right.  After a few moments they had four sails up and those four boats set off with the instructor in the rubber dinghy, out into the open waters of Georgian Bay.  The first week of learning to sail.

I was down again on Saturday and all the boats were out of the water sitting on the floating gray dock, waiting for Monday.

Along came a flock of Canada Geese, swimming in a very loose line across the harbour.

As I watched closely I noticed that at least the first three birds behind the lead goose were this year's goslings, almost grown up.  You can see they're a little smaller and the black and white colours are not quite as clear.

Tied up at the dock right in front of me were two new boats, this rather ominous one painted in black and white.  No name on it, so I couldn't get any more info.

But this one is interesting, and it's for sale.  What looked like a brand new paint job, and 25 years old, you can buy it for just $75k.  It's built as a trawler for a couple, suitable for exploring the Great Lakes, and has an on-board 'head' (washroom), space for two to sleep and a tiny galley.  Unusually, it has a bow thruster too.  Any takers?

I crossed the new bridge and took a photo of the rough gravel path that makes for horrible riding on the far side where I had hoped to find a sidewalk.  I intend to send this photo to the staff member in charge of sidewalks.

On the way home I passed by the site where they've been clearing the old garage for a new small downtown parking lot.  I was there just at the moment when this big hi-ho was ready to load.  In only a couple of minutes he had driven it up on the flatbed, turned around and lowered the bucket ready to go.  These guys sure know what they're doing!


  1. You managed to find quite a lot of interesting pictures!!

  2. Both the boat and cottage for sale look good.

  3. "I keep watching for different things to photograph but I'm running out of ideas. Still, I keep managing to take more photos". Well, I sure know what you mean Stew. That makes two of us. You had a nice selection of interesting pics today. It's that diversity that makes things interesting for we shutter bug guys. Keep up the good work.

  4. Interesting ride. The sailing lessons look interesting with the instructor nearby. Don’t know if I’d like to learn that way. Too easy to make a mistake I’m thinking.

  5. Good idea sending the picture of the rough path to the person in charge of sidewalks. Hopefully something will be done about fixing the problem.

  6. looks like you are doing pretty well finding things to photograph!! funny how a lot of areas have adapted the same policies. our town is closing streets to accommodate outdoor dinning as well. and we too have sailing schools starting up lessons now!!


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  8. I'm glad that you keep finding things to photograph: remember, what is commonplace to you is all new to people living far away.

  9. I imagine if they've restored the outside of the cottage the same has been done inside. It's a beauty.

  10. The cottage looks really good. That black and white boat looks good too, a very unusual paint scheme for a pleasure boat.

  11. You found many different things to interest me, and I actually love the thought of sailing, although I've never even been on a sailboat. Thanks for such a plethora of pictures to enjoy!

  12. I think sailing would be fun. Toured the San Juan Islands with my brother years ago on his sail boat---no wind so we used his putt putt motor. I am glad the house was not torn down but remodeled.

  13. Your keen eye for photos will always find things to interest us. :) Nice looking cottage, I'm sure the inside is just as nice. I'm not into learning to sail but I like the order of your pictures. First the sailboats with instructor and then the geese as though they are learning as well.
    Good idea to send that sidewalk (if you can call it that) to the staff. It looks quite rough.

  14. A sailing school wouldn't that be fun! We had a sailboat once...had a fellow from Boston who rented a cottage for the summer and taught out youngest daughter to sail a bit. It always looked so peaceful!

  15. I enjoy your visits to the harbor. I am hoping to visit the North Shore of Minnesota this summer.