Tuesday, November 24, 2020


It's not surprising that at this stage in November we're getting a light snowfall.  What's surprising is the forecast, for 10°C on Thursday!  Meanwhile today was a physio day and I expect to be a little sore tomorrow after a whole group of new exercises.

We woke to this light snowfall, not much but enough to turn things white.

It had actually started the late afternoon before, a very light drift of snow but it continued all night.  It came across the golf course like a wall of white, convincing me that a bank of fog was approaching.  Then suddenly it was gone, living a dusting of white flakes over everything.

Mrs. F.G.'s ornaments had white caps.

And I noticed later little frozen drops of water, telling me that the temperature dropped suddenly.  Rain had turned to freezing rain at some point overnight, during a quick transition to snow.

I love this view of all the big horizontal branches to the east, but it's hard to get a picture of because of the angle.

On the other hand looking out the kitchen window provides quite a different view.

For a few brief moments we had a flutter of birds out back as several Goldfinch and Chickadees visited.  The Chickadees are here every day, but we've had very few Goldfinch visitors this year.


  1. Black and snow white with a dash of bright red. Love the open area where you have that cover over all the grass,the chairs might be lonely there for some time.

  2. I'm enjoying the pictures of snow. I wonder if we'll get any this winter/

  3. I'm very angry with the power authority in the town by us right now. Not only is it tough enough for people in chairs to get around in snow, EVERY corner crossing is under construction, as in FOUR corners. It's more than a week and all the cuts have safety fencing around them and big holes surrounded by dirt. They are changing the crossing signals and putting in better cuts, but the work seems to have stalled.

  4. I really like that picture of the frozen raindrops, looking like Christmas baubles. And the snow covered ornaments, too. Thanks for brightening my dreary day. :-)

  5. I was drawn to the colors in those snow capped ornaments.

  6. Your goldfinch must have come down our way, we have an abundance of them at our feeders.

  7. I think it snowed as a gentle reminder to have winter tyres installed. I have an appointment tomorrow!

    1. We had ours installed a month ago, so we're ready!

  8. It's crazy having rain, snow, sleet and hail, all on the same day. And more to come. I shall have to get on my horse and shovel soon. Poor hubby cancelled his physio Monday. He didn't want to risk it. Take care! Lovely photos!

  9. Wouldn’t it be great to have that amount of snow for all winter. Sigh! Not to be I’m afraid.

  10. Hello Stewart, I want to talk with you RE: your experience approaching landowners about conservation. I am a member of OSFN and read with interest the article about your past activities in their Summer edition of HTH. I am also an active member of Georgian Bluffs Climate Action Team and neighbour of Bob and Mary Beth Gray in Kemble. My name is Danuta Valleau and contact 519-534-1788. This is the only way I have found to contact you! But I am enjoying looking at your posts. We don't have any goldfinches here either.

  11. Lovely to see these snowy scenes in your photographs.

    All the best Jan