Friday, May 15, 2020

Garden Centre!

Yesterday, for the first time in two months we went for a drive, to a Garden Centre in Owen Sound.  It was on the opposite northwest corner of town, so we had to drive all the way through, but there wasn't much traffic.  It was so nice to see those flashing bright spring colours of the flowers.

The social distancing measures you'd expect were there, one-way arrows, separate entrance and exit, and a request to stay 6 feet apart, which most people respected.  But there were aisleways where my chair wouldn't fit around corners.

You know me, it was just about bright colours!  The selection was a little limited, but all the common spring annuals were available.

Mrs. F.G. is going for Marigolds this summer, but we'll inevitably end up with Geraniums too.

A Calla Lily, a bit unusual among spring flowers.

And my favourite colour among the Geraniums.

It's raining this morning and quite foggy, but we do need the rain.  But it's warmer finally, and it looks like the warm temperatures are here to stay.  It was warm air moving north that brought a mass migration of Orioles yesterday, and I expect that over the weekend we'll see a sudden burst of green leaves opening out.  Spring is finally here.


  1. Gorgeous flowers in that nursery. Happy spring to you and the missus! :-)

  2. I favor my grandmother in my love for geraniums. Hopefully I can get into a quiet garden center next week and find some.

  3. Glad things are finally starting to look more like Spring.
    Now if everyone keeps Social Distancing it will be a good year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Spring.

    It's about time.

  4. Nice looking plants. We bought ours on Tuesday but they spent two nights in the garage to avoid the frost we got the following two nights. This morning the first of the plants went in the garden.

  5. I do a lot of Marigolds too - bright colors and they last all season even into the cold parts of fall. And window boxes of red Geraniums to make me feel like I'm in Paris. I'm going to wait a week before buying anything to see how the weather turns out.

  6. Hi Furry...
    Cant hardly wait to get to a Nursery...but I will wait...
    We are not allowed at our cottage...Haldimand County has banned seasonal visitors...
    If we get caught staying over...$5000fine/day!!!!!!!
    The property is still a mess anyway...and still kinda chilly...hopefully soon!!
    Love the Orioles...✨
    Linda :o)

  7. How wonderful that you got out to see all those beautiful flowers. Haven't been to the garden center here yet.
    Those calla lilies sure are pretty. I've never had them in my garden.

  8. Love those blooms but the Islander that I am loves fog too.

  9. Like you, I too go for all the bright colors. After winter's whites, greys, and blahs, it's always so inspiring to see the many vibrant colors of Spring in all her finery.

  10. Must have been nice just to get out. Beautiful photos and great colors!

  11. I think you are right, spring is finally (insert sigh of relief) here. All the trees are popping, and I expect full leafy cover any day now. Then it is really going to be hard to see those warblers!

  12. I always have a hard time choosing plants since I'm too familiar with anything out of the norm. I decide on the spot usually and have learned to avoid impatiens even though I love them, they are finicky for sun and shade. I'd be watering them everyday!
    Isn't it wonderful that warm weather has arrived!? Yay! Enjoy!

  13. Our son is not allowing/wanting me to go to stores for a few more weeks. At least till I recover from some minor surgery. I miss strolling the garden center isles.

  14. That garden center has a great set up for selling lots of things. You have a beautiful place with the golf course out there.

  15. Wow such a pretty garden center! Perfect way to spend some time!