Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Meaford Cemetery

In search of good places to walk, I have discovered that Lakeview Cemetery here in Meaford is one of the best in town, at least during the winter.  It has driveways back and forth, as well as two long lanes into the main cemetery, which gives lots of room for an hour's walk.  And they seem to keep the drives snowblown quite well over the winter, which gives really good footing for a brisk safe walk, which is what I need right now.

I've now gone walking here quite a few times, in varying weather.  These pictures were a few days ago; we have quite a bit more snow now, maybe 16" on the level here at home. 

One of the nicest features for me is the long entrance road past the gates before you get to the open cemetery.  You're really walking through the forest for the first 10 minutes.

And it's quite an interesting forest, with a variety of trees, and a steep bluff to the north, the old Algonquin glacial shoreline.  You can see out to Georgian Bay through the trees.

The big old Sugar Maples in the main part of the cemetery aren't forest, but they certainly give you the feeling of walking among 'trees with character'.

I've started to notice too the varying styles of tombstones in different parts of the cemetery.  Compare the photo above to this one, which has far more taller and older monuments.

And this, which must be the oldest section, with numerous 19th century graves, marked by the simple slabs with rounded tops.

And of course among these are the tragedies, like this child who died at age three months nearly 140 years ago.

So far I've only noticed one monument with an actual sculpture, this beautiful stone angel.  I suspect that most of the graves are Protestant, with only a few Catholic graves.  But there is only one cemetery in Meaford.

There's a long lane out the back of the cemetery which is no longer used as far as I can see, but you can still walk it.  It adds a nice 15 minutes to my walk.

The main walk back to the car has a long row of big old Blue Spruce, with their long fat cones loaded at the tops of the trees.

At the moment, the snowblowing is really helpful for me, marked here by the snow blasted against these big maples.  Makes it really easy to go for a brisk walk and feel safe on my feet.  No need for Yaktrax here.  Virtually no traffic to watch out for either, and I usually only meet 1 or 2 other walkers.   I got in a good 45 minutes this morning.  Mrs. F.G. has come walking with me here too, which is a bonus.  She's faster than me, so I have to push myself to keep up!  I have to keep reminding myself I'm only 8 weeks post surgery, and have only 8 days to be ready for the next one!


  1. A very peaceful place for a walk. No noise from the locals.

  2. Make sense but an interesting place to walk. When I was a kid I always closed my eyes passing a cemetery. I was afraid of the ghosts I guess. - Margy

  3. Interesting place to walk and quite attractive too. I always get sidetracked when walking in a cemetery, too many fascinating tombstones. Who were those people, what were their lives like, how and why did they die when they did -- unending and unanswerable questions about the people spending eternity there.

  4. i am not a person who generally enjoys cemeteries. this one is interesting and looks wonderful in the snow!!

    great to have the mrs. along...good company for both of you. your images are beautiful - that's a lot of pine cones!!!

  5. How nice to have all that snow on your walk cleared for you. If I was in Meaford that's where I would be walking as well. Walking among trees is special and cemeteries are generally always quietly peaceful. Sounds like your move into town has turned out to have many relaxing benefits.

  6. I enjoy cemeteries so I would love walking there. Looks like a great place to walk, I am interested to see it in different seasons. Eight more days til your surgery...I wish you the best!!

  7. Your cemetery is certainly in a nice place and full of character

  8. Nice- the cemetery next to me is completely pristine in winter. Nobody gets in or out in a vehicle!

  9. Hello, pretty series of photos. I love the view down the long lane! Looks like a very peaceful place to walk. Have a happy day!

  10. I remember your first cemetery pictures, the walk in spring, summer, fall or winter would be just as pretty. Your pictures make it look so inviting.

  11. 'Trees with character' I love that. I too like walking in cemeteries. The older ones out this way are small but so interesting. I guess I like the history more than the walking sometimes. LOL

  12. That is a nice big cemetery to walk in. The two little ones I walk around are never cleared so I have to wear my snow boots if I want to walk there.