Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pink Hay Bales!

I headed out yesterday to help my son with some clean-up at their newly-purchased old house.  Owned by an elderly couple for decades, it really needs some updating, so we had loads of carpet to take to the dump.  I drove pretty well straight west and saw a number of interesting sights along the way.  The farm landscape changes a lot between here and there.

I had to cross the Saugeen River and its tributaries, more than once.  And on the back road I chose, I came upon this beautiful old wrought iron bridge.  

Had to wait for that road grader (above) heading slowly up the hill, so I parked on the one-lane bridge and got a picture of the river.  This is a popular weekend canoe route, and this road is one of the designated put-in spots.

As you get closer to where our son and daughter-in-law will be living, you end up in a landscape of giant wind turbines.

Had to drive a distance to the dump, again down narrow back roads, and my son spotted this small flock of Wild Turkeys.

And an interesting new farmhouse castle, don't you think?  Talk about something that's out of place in the farm landscape!

You also go under the triple transmission line from the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant on the shores of Lake Huron, which feeds all the way across southern Ontario to Toronto.

Heading home later on I stopped at that old bridge, and got a better picture.  It's quite interesting how the wrought iron structure was actually put together, those curved pieces on the east side, and two straight iron beams on this side.

And yes, these are pink hay bales!

I ran into this sign on a rural road in the morning, so I drove around an extra concession to head west, but I didn't believe the sign.

So on the way home I drove down that road from the other direction, and I was right!  It was narrow and winding in places, but straightforward to drive right through.

Beautiful day to work in the garden here today.  We're getting close to the end of potting up some plants to take with us to the new house.  Actually got warm this afternoon.  We've also had a burst of 'getting rid of things', with trips to the dump, the toxic waste disposal (just don't buy those herbicides and such!), and on Sunday, two trailer loads to our son's new old house.  We're getting there!


  1. Hi Furry...
    Best of luck with your move...
    Yes, that castle looks pretty silly!
    Beautiful weather down here....
    Linda :o)

  2. lovely photos , the landscape and wind turbines looks a lot like down this way southwest of you . We had an old iron bridge here over our river but they had replaced it with a newer one a horrible panel bridge yuk the worst thing is no one can walk their dogs on it as it is all open grates they never put a walk way down on it I preferred the old one it had history and we could walk our dogs across it and enjoy the wooded area with them , there was nothing structurally wrong with it according to engineers in the area . Sounds like you have been busy hope all goes well with the final move . The weather has been fall like here and lovely chilly mornings and nights what I call fresh clear air ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  3. Interesting design on that bridge, most trusses are symmetrical and that certainly is not. There's a castle somewhat like that in Pennsylvania's elk range in a rather remote area -- makes you really wonder what the people were thinking when they build those things.

  4. I've never seen pink hay bales....until now! :)

  5. Love those wrought iron bridges all around parts that we visit. Good luck with all the purging and cleaning.

  6. Keep on truckin', FG. You'll get there. Great old bridge!

  7. You are very busy, hope things continue to go smoothly.
    Love the bridge. I've been on that Saugeen River in a canoe, a very loaded down canoe I might add.

  8. I was struck by the castle farmhouse as well as the pink hay bales! Thanks for the fun excursion. :-)

  9. Hello, I am sure your son will have a beautiful house after all the work is done. That castle house looks out of place. The pink hay bales are a different sight too. I like the bridge shot. Have a happy day!

  10. Busy busy! The bridge is very interesting specially the way it was build and odd too. Moving in or moving out is purge time. Sometimes hard to let go of unnecessary things. Beautiful country too. Er have huge wind turbine farms in the eastern part of Washington state.
    Our maples are turning to it ill be lovely
    Take care

  11. Yes, that castle is quite out of place. I imagine my grandparents might well have known that bridge. They farmed along one of the branches of the Saugeen.

  12. What a neat old iron bridge!
    Never saw a farm house castle before. Different, that's for sure.
    Never saw pink hay bales either, maybe a lady farmer. : )

  13. From the English publication Farmers' Weekly, "Pink bale wrap is being relaunched for a third consecutive year after raising a record £26,000 in 2016. The campaign, which sees Volac donate £3 to the charity Breast Cancer Now for each roll of its Topwrap film purchased, has raised £36,000 since in first launched in 2015."
    Volac are based just down the road from me and an old friend works for them. I don't know if your bales are anything to do with this campaign though.

  14. Lovely farming and country scenes,Down here, green plastic, they say it is biodegradable!!!

  15. After visiting Provence this summer, we did see 'castles' among some fields there. Of course they were not new builds! Keep up the good cleanout work going!

  16. The castle seems odd. I haven't seen the pink plastic sheeting yet.

  17. those old bridges make me nervous, but they are probably safer then the new ones!!

    i like that castle but it does seem out of place - but what could be more out of place than pink hay??