Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dalles Rapids and Home

We spent a good two hours on the open rocks at Dalles Rapids, enjoying the sound of the water and the scenery while we had lunch.  Other members of the group had been here before, but it was a new place for me, and spectacular. 

These two pictures encompass the rapids, from right to left.  I expect some of our group do have the skill to run these rapids, at least if you had a covered canoe.  But you'd be more likely to portage the packs and run the canoes empty.  But for me, I think I'd be happy to portage, unless you could safely sneak along the far edge.  The line down the middle would be pretty rollocking!  And those standing waves are high!

And a due note of caution is appropriate if you notice the memorial onshore.  I understand that Doug's motorboat got sucked into the rapids several years ago, and he wasn't wearing a life jacket.  I've seen several memorials at rapids on other trips.  

I got as close to the canoeist's-eye-view as I could with these photos.  If I was younger I'd get a go-pro camera and seek out some rapids to run!

It really is a beautiful spot, but the bare rock that looks so beautiful now is probably due to the intense lumbering operation here as they drove the logs through the rapids, over 100 years ago.

I did manage to explore that big old boiler on the shore just above the rapids.

And then back up the river we headed for another 3 hour paddle, passing two fishermen on the way.

I think this giant spider was the highlight of the trip home.  Would you have spotted it?

It was a giant Dock Spider, about 3" across!

Enjoying the rocks...

And almost home.  A long day for my aching shoulders and ankles!


  1. Going down stream might be wonderful. but coming back is so much harder. A good spa soak, and you will be ready for another day. Beautiful rocks again, a dream for our grandson studying earth science and geology.

  2. I agree in our younger days a go pro camera and ride the rapids. That is one huge spider.

  3. Spectacular, FG. Sensory overload. It will sustain you through the long winter ahead.

  4. Just wonderful, except for that very scary spider! :-)

  5. it sure is spider season, i am on the lookout always now!! looks like a beautiful spot!!!

  6. Beautiful rapids! Don't think I'd be brave enough to run them. I wouldn't be to thrilled to run across such a big spider though.

  7. That looks like a dandy river for a journey by canoe -- I'm envious.

  8. Myself and another fellow had a bad experience with a similar set of rapids in the Shuswap River near Vernon British Columbia about 45 years ago when dumped out of a rubber raft. I've never boated in a river since then.