Sunday, September 24, 2017


One advantage of not going from campsite to campsite on a steady diet of 20 km. paddles every day, is that we got time to go exploring.  So on day one we went out for a gentle paddle of only a few km, exploring some of the narrow rocky channels that the French River is known for.

Off we went, my favourite reliable paddling buddy in the stern.  Yes that's me with my new Tilly hat.  It's not actually new, it's a replacement for my 40 year old one that died - they have a lifetime guarantee so they sent me a new one!  This was one of those narrow channels where it's hard to avoid hitting the rocks beside you with your paddle.

There were a lot of bright red Red Maple saplings at the water's edge.  The water levels are high this year, and most of these were flooded - but then Red Maples like wet feet.

More of those pine trees and rocks, and if the water's calm, reflections.

We came out of that narrow channel and it opened up into a long narrow marsh, here filled with Smartweed.
More mature Red Maples on the shoreline were a deep purple red.

I tried to get pictures of some of the sedges, rushes and water lilies as we paddled by, but it's amazingly difficult to do so in a moving canoe!
After exploring to the end, eventually we found a different route out to the main channel.

And found some interesting rock formations.  First a wide band of white quartz, and second a good example of how metamorphic rocks get folded at some point in their history.

More bright red Red Maples.

And more rocks and pine trees as we made our way home.

Of course we did manage a GORP break along the way, our traditional mid-morning and mid-afternoon break.  I was responsible for two days worth of GORP breaks, so I made it a little more luxurious than the original 'Good Old Rasins and Peanuts'.


  1. your colors are so pretty already - we saw a lot of color on our trip!! your GORP looks good!!!

  2. Yummy snack, and those rocks,our grandson is half way through a science degree, geology and earth science papers, and he would be thrilled to see them. Beautiful autumn colours.

  3. I always wondered if those "lifetime guarantees" actually meant anything. That's a beautiful place to explore.

  4. Great canoeing photos. Your Autumn is ahead of ours. Canoeing like you do in the places you do is something I wished I would have got into years ago.

  5. Love your canoeing photos, bring backwood memories of us canoeing the lakes and rivers in Algonquin park. so tranquil.

  6. Oh, such beauty! And the GORP just me hungry. I've got a Tilley hat that will probably never wear out, but congratulations on your nice new one. Looks good on you. :-)

  7. Lovely shots and your canoe trip looks so serene. Even the grasses didn't slow you down!
    The GORP makes me think I should make some up too!

  8. Hello, pretty scenery and fall colors. The Gorp does look tasty! Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  9. Beautiful photos! The geology of that area just has me spellbound.

  10. Beautiful place! Fall colors already, I see. Ours are a couple of weeks away yet.

  11. Oh what a beautiful place for paddling. Fantastic photos.

  12. What beautiful scenery! Love it! It's nice to paddle along with you because you know the names of the plants and technical stuff on the rocks ;) Good idea to sneak a few M&M's into the gorp ... no melting in your hands.