Monday, July 24, 2017

Flowers of the Roadsides and Meadows

The season rolls on, and a new set of flowers is out along roadsides, and in our meadow.  Queen Anne's Lace is such a big part of mid-summer, along with lines of blue Chickory at the edge of the road, and in a few spots the bright pink of Sweet Peas.

I think Queen Anne's Lace is one of my favourites because my mother loved it.

It's a very intricate flower if you look at it from below.

I'm seeing long lines of blue at the roadside in some places, and when you take a close look it's the beautiful blue of the Chicory.

Here's a patch of those Sweet Peas among the grass growing in a ditch.

Both White and Yellow Sweet Clover grow by the road where I walk every day.  It was a challenge getting these pictures while they were waving in the wind!

And today I spotted some of the Virgin's Bower vine or Wild Clematis smothering a lower branch of a Sugar Maple.  I've seen it before but not here in the neighbourhood.

It's one of those plants you find around here with three leaves very much like Poison Ivy.  I often pointed this one out to students as I prompted them to learn to stop and look before you touch any plant with three leaves!

Here at home this Common Mullein came up right outside the garage on our driveway.  I'll let it stay until it finishes blooming.

In one patch I threw a prairie seed mixture 10 years ago, and now we have bright patches of False Sunflower there, as well as in the garden.

Finally, the Mallow, in both white and pink varieties, common all over our meadow, along with some of the earlier plants like the purple Vetch and yellow Trefoil that are still widely in bloom.  A miserable drizzly day here, which we spent largely in Home Depot, picking out all the light fixtures for our new home.  Not an easy exercise!  We're exhausted, but we're getting there!

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  1. These are all beautiful blooms.

    There is poison ivy on this island and we had never seen any before. We are on the watch for it now for sure.

  2. Blue Chicory growing along the roadsides - Beautiful!
    I love to see the Mulleins blooming along the roads here, and we have Queen Anne's Lace, too. Both very interesting wildflowers

  3. Ok, I have got a question for sweet clover the real name of the yellow and white flowered that is what we always called it but I never knew if that was its real name. (Our old horse really liked it.) I can never get a good picture of it and I try every year. I have not been anywhere to see the sweet peas but I think they are so beautiful. I really enjoyed all of these.

  4. Wildflowers or weeds I do love them. I love the bright blue of the Chicory. Don't see too much here but a lot in Oregon. don't know why. Mullein is so strange---here one year gone the next but found somewhere else. I had one pop up in my front garden last year it go over 8ft tall.

  5. You have good soil that has been undisturbed with that variety of meadow flowers. I do love seeing them all!

  6. Hello, beautiful flowers and images. I like the chicory and the false sunflower is pretty. Have a happy day!

  7. Nice variety of wildflower FG ... and the photos are very nice. I particularly like the second of Queen Anne's Lace.

  8. Queen Anne's Lace is one I remember from childhood, at least by name. The real sunflower are my favourites and I don't have any growing up here. Maybe next year! Another post with beautiful pictures.

  9. PS - finally some great weather up here where we live!

  10. HI Furry....
    You're moving? Gosh...I better keep up with your news! Leaving your gardens behind?
    Love all the wild flowers....I have the Mullien popping up here and there at the cottage.
    Crappy weather down to the Lake...hopefully Mother Nature watered for me!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Linda :o)

  11. Just beautiful wildflowers. I love Queen Anne's Lace, too. I never looked at it from underneath before. :-)

  12. It was lovely driving down our country back road last week. The assorted wildflowers were so interesting. Then the township came along and mowed everything back. I live on a back road that goes nowhere, it's not a thoroughfare. Makes me sad when that day comes, as it inevitably does every summer.

  13. I like your shot looking up from the underside of the queen anne's lace.

  14. All is so pretty. I liked the Queen Anne's lace a lot too. There seems to more around here than usual this year.
    It is harder than you realize picking out things like lights for a new house. We have been thinking a lot about that too.

  15. Queen Anne's Lace certainly is appealing.

  16. beautiful blooms, i really love queen anna lace!!

  17. 5 dagen geleden - The season rolls on, and a new set of flowers is out along roadsides, and in our meadow. Queen Anne's Lace is such a big part of mid-summer, ...