Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Colours

Well, these fall colours are now totally out of date, though they were taken just a week ago.  With the snow and blustery, windy weather we've had, almost all the leaves have hit the ground.  The trees are looking very bare or brown compared to a sunny Monday a week ago.

I looked at the forecast, saw that last Monday morning was going to be about the only sunny day of the week, and headed out to look for some pictures.  This was a favourite group of trees along the road around the block.

And a little further along, this tree was about the brightest red I saw this year.

Brilliant orange-red leaves in the crown.

But the Sumach out in our front yard are still as good as anything else.

And those chairs under the apple tree which were covered in snow on Saturday, were still a mix of green and yellow a week ago - as the Hostas all turned to gold.


Finishing up in the garden today.  That little bit of snow has disappeared, and it was a good day for workin', if a little blustery and cool.  Got the big pots of flowers on the deck all dismantled and tossed on the compost, or otherwise dealt with.


  1. Pretty colors and love the beauty of your garden.

  2. Lovely photos . Our gardens and yard clean up is all done now no more flowers BOOHOO ! . It was cold over the weekend here we even got frost but no snow and today the temps are warm even the winds are warm the temps hit 15C and going down to only 12C over night weird weather though up and down like a yo yo ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  3. I love the colours, definitely my favourite season but we have to wait until March next year.

  4. I think we are so fortunate to live here in this area of Ontario with all it's seasonal beauty & for me Autumn is always my favorite.

  5. so very beautiful!!!! i finally found some here at the shore, my images are coming on thursday. seems mother nature is having some trouble making up her mind as to what season it is!!!!!

    1. and you are right, those apples needed ice cream (i don't keep it in the house and it was a last minute decision to make them) but only for the picture, they were so good on their own!!!!

  6. Great colours! I've been photographing fall colours, though I won't be posting them until some time in November. They're now starting to cover the ground.

  7. Beautiful fall colours and pictures. Our leaves from 5 maples are accumulating all over our lawn now. Mow and mulch this weekend.

  8. They sure were beautiful when you photographed them. What a pity snow and high winds came to spoil the beauty!

  9. Gorgeous colours! We didn't have many reds this fall.