Saturday, November 15, 2014


I totally missed Donna's 'Personal Photo Challenge' on trees this month, even though I was really looking forward to it.  Turned out I was flat on my back in the hospital at the time; I figure that's a good excuse.  But I'd already been digging out a few photos from the past to show how I try to capture photos of trees, so here they are anyway.

A very tall, very straight Butternut in a friend's woodlot.

A huge old spreading Sugar Maple in a fencerow, now surrounded by planted white pine.

A few of the redder Sugar Maples from this fall.

Yellow Sugar Maples along the Bruce Trail, just a month ago.

My favourite friendly Sugar Maple giant in late fall.

A many trunked Basswood - or is it 11 Basswoods growing in a cluster, late fall.

Another giant old Sugar Maple growing along a little-used sideroad.

And a soaring American Elm covered in hoarfrost.  This is the Elm just west of Ceylon for anyone local.

In spite of the fact I totally missed the 'Personal Photo Challenge', I did enjoy all the posts of those who participated, and especially enjoyed Donna's references.  I have lots of new ideas now for taking pictures of trees!


  1. I think the hoarfrosted one's my favourite, but stunning shots all in all!

  2. Love the 5th one down as it looks like it has its arms behind it. Flat out in the Hospital is not good at all, hope all is well now.

  3. Number 5 is my favorite and thought like Cindy that it looks like it has arms behind it.

  4. I do hope progress is happening, slow is good, and your butternut tree, I have tried so hard to get one like that of our pines or blue-gum, I have tried standing, close, peering up, lying on the ground, and nothing is as good as yours, would you please give me the secret recipe for a photo like this. And the Elm in hoar frost, my favourite today. Good wishes for every day to be improving, Jean.

    1. No secret recipe here! I just stand 3-4 feet back and shoot upwards. I shoot in aperture mode, and make sure I've got good depth of field so it's all in focus as much as possible.

  5. Just beautiful! And you have a live Am Elm!

  6. What giant, glorious trees! Your photos sure do celebrate them well. Love the perspectives looking straight UP! Being of short stature, that is how I see most of the world and people, LOL. And the giant maple - swoon! Now that is a grand old tree. The scene of golden maple woods is magical.

    Thank you so much for going the extra mile to get these posted. No worries on being late for the challenge. I linked you up! Glad you thoroughly enjoyed this subject and picked up a few tips in the background information that I provided. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your surgery!

  7. "flat on your back" is the best way to photograph the trees!!! I hope you are o.k.!! all of these images are beautiful, but I especially love the last "frost" image!!

    I wanted to thank you for the very kind comment you left on my blog yesterday. I always wonder if anyone clicks on my "tabs" and I hope if they do, they enjoy it!!! I need to update them more often, within the last year, I did update the feathered friends tab, but I have so many other things I should add!! thanks again!!

  8. Beautiful shots of trees throughout the seasons!

  9. Such beautiful trees! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm glad I've discovered yours!

  10. How lovely! What a lot of beautiful trees you have growing near you.