Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Snow Squall Descends

We've had our first serious winter storm here, with roads closed due to poor visibility and nearly a foot of blowing snow.  We're sitting under those lake effect snow streamers blowing east off Lake Huron, a bit like Buffalo at the east end of Lake Ontario - though they've been hit far worse!

It wasn't really snowing when I took this picture out back this morning - but watch that big elm tree disappear!

Around noon the snow started moving in, though still just a gentle snowfall of fine white flakes clouding the atmosphere.

But then the snow squall descended on us, blowing the whites in this picture right out of sight, along with that big elm tree.  By the time it abated slightly 4 hours later, we had a foot of snow on the deck!

This is the same view as that sunrise I posted earlier this week, a little snowier now.

The apple tree and the old stone fencerow are beginning to look white.

And this is our main flower garden, with all its interesting winter textures - rather interesting really.  Notice that big old elm faintly in the centre background.

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  1. Your snow is much better looking than ours:)

  2. Love the snowy scenes! Stay warm over there.

  3. Beautiful shots! Yes, I'd heard Buffalo got slammed by snow.

  4. WOW. yes i heard you guys were getting lots of snow.

  5. B-r-r-r! Pile some logs on the fire and pile blankets on the bed!

  6. Beautiful snow scenes! Hope you have plenty of fuel for the fire!

  7. Very pretty! We also had our first snow with the Arctic blast we experienced last week. Thankfully, our weather has since warmed up more towards normal this week!

  8. It's beautiful! Very pretty and I'm glad you are warm and safe inside. Makes me want to grab my cross-country skis, though. :-)

  9. Great snow pictures. We are still waiting for our fist major snow fall.

  10. Pretty! You're not shoveling are you?

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