Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sunny Skies - Briefly!

For a brief hour or two we had half-sunny skies this morning, the second time in 2 weeks of grey November weather.  Walked to the end of the road and got at least a few pictures.

The entire winter storm of last week has gone, and now we just have a bit of white stuff between the brown grasses - well below freezing though.

Tree silhouettes seem to be prevalent in all the sky photos you take for the next six months of the year!

Around the corner, looking down the loop road where we live.  The distant dark horizon is the far side of the valley.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American readers!  We enjoyed ours with family six weeks ago.

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  1. Very nice photos and I like the look down the road. We had 30 cm. of snow last night. We got walloped!! :)

  2. Hi Friend, Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving to you. Even in places where Thanksgiving is not celebrated (or celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November like ours is) —it can be a time for each of us to take time to thank God for our blessings and also not to forget the “Giving” in the word, ThanksGIVING. We all have lots of blessings —but many times, we ignore the giving part….Not just on Thanksgiving Day, but all of the time, please take time to contact family/friends just to say HI… And remember that a big SMILE can lift someone’s day…. Little things like that can really HELP..

    Isn't it wonderful to see a blue sky and sunshine AFTER so many days of cloudy, dreary weather???? Neat photos.

    God Bless…
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Fine pictures for Thanksgiving - giving thanks for a brief spell of sunshine!

  4. These are wonderful photos. Still grey over here in Yorkshire...

  5. Pretty views of the sky! The clouds are beautiful. Happy weekend!

  6. Blue, blue blue skies, for sure. Lovely.

  7. Nice fluffy clouds in a blue sky. I love it! :-)

  8. Pretty pictures. It's still snowing on and off here.

  9. Such lovely winter colors, all that rust and blue and brown. We just had ten inches of snow here in western Massachusetts so our landscape is pure white at the moment. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful comments :)

  10. Even when our landscape is devoid of fresh foliage, there is much beauty to be seen. Your photos capture that well.

  11. That last picture sure makes me want to follow the road!

  12. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. It looks like possibly some of the snow has melted or is that just an illusion?

    1. All of our heavy two foot snowfall melted, then we got another little skiff, and now that's gone too. We're back to bare ground.

  13. Beautiful skies!!Greetings from Dubai! Really enjoyed going through your blog. Have a great week ahead! Will be back soon...