Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inglis Falls

Driving home from our visit to Indian Falls two weeks ago, we took a few moments to stop at one of our favourite spots, Inglis Falls.  It's easy to get to, and a very popular conservation area.  We only walked 100 yards to get these pictures.

There was lots of water flowing down the river and over the falls after all the fall rain we've had, so it looked like much more water than rock!

A closer view - the classic view of the falls.  Now that we can drop in here so easily I'm getting used to seeing the falls in all its moods, from summer trickle to winter ice-covered.  Spring is the big peak flow, but later fall is definitely a secondary peak.

As always we admire the twisted roots of the Eastern White Cedar trees as we follow the trail along the edge of the cliff to get our pictures.

It's amazing how these trees can anchore themselves directly on the rock, the roots finding tiny crevices for nutrients and strength.

It was later afternoon, and I had no tripod, but I tried a few shots at slower speeds by holding the camera on top of the protective retaining wall, and was pleased with the results.  Not nearly as good as the ones I got in May, but the more you try, the more you learn the idiosynchracies of light and speed on your camera.

I like these closer views of parts of the falls.

And I definitely like these 'slower' pictures of waterfalls compared to the usual ones.

We left to the sound of the Sydenham River plunging on down the gorge below the falls on its way through Owen Sound and down to Georgian Bay.  Always a favourite stop.

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  1. Wow they are beautiful falls.
    I really like the rock and the tree. It looks like a forearm and hand holding the rock in place. Cool picture.

  2. It looks quite dramatic this time of year!

  3. Wow - amazing shots - how wonderful to live so near so many falls. I like the slow ones best too - I'll have to give that a try next time we go to Whatcom Falls - which is a city park, right in the middle of town with an amazing waterfall.

  4. My kind of outing. Absolutely beautiful and the photography is great.

  5. A wonderful place to be able to visit regularly. The slow ones have come out well even without the tripod. Hope your recovery is still going well.

  6. Thanks for the visit. I can see that you love the outdoors as much as I. I try to hang onto its beauty with a camera...but all is ephemeral.

  7. such beautiful trees and falls
    gorgeous photos of them
    a joy to see

  8. That should be the setting for a fantasy film. Forget New Zealand!