Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Still Down in the Swamp

We slowly drove out of the swamp, catching a picture of some  Coltsfoot growing in the wet gravel and leaf litter right at the side of the road.  On up we went until we got that beautiful view out to Blue Mountain.

It's not often that I get to photograph Coltsfoot in full bloom anymore.

As we head up the road I have driven approximately 200 times before, we get the usual view of the western end of Blue Mountain over the fields.  The accommodation for a week-long field course I taught for 25 years is at the end of this road, but now there are two spectacular new homes on the opposite side of the road.  Quite a change!

We turned around in one of those driveways and headed back down into the swamp.

At the corner we turned a sharp left over the  bridge and got a great view of the Beaver River.  I have ended several paddles at this point over past years.  This post is certainly full of memories for me.

And then the reflections began again.

Mrs. F.G. spotted a tree that a beaver had failed to fell last year - but he tried hard!

We drove a wandering mix of roads after that on our way home.  This is a willow shrub right beside the road.

And this is the Thornbury water tower looming over the deep blue waters of Nottawasaga Bay (the south end of Georgian Bay).  The air was exceptionally clear; that far shore is about 50 or 60 km. away!


  1. Great swamp photos, and that last vista is amazing!

  2. The white road and that last view, spectacular.

  3. There are few things in the natural world much more interesting than a swamp. Those willow twigs are spectacularly yellow - wow.

  4. Loved the river view - beautiful!!
    We have lots of coltsfoot out back.

  5. A great post. I especially liked that last picture.

  6. What a gorgeous day for an excursion. Poor beaver…almost doesn’t count. That last shot’s a beauty!

  7. I like the trees in the swamp.

    I guess it was coltsfoot that I saw recently. Thought they might have been early dandelions.

  8. we call those yellow flowers dandelions. i like the reflections in the swamp!!

  9. I like those long panoramic shots, reflections, and the blue sky color in the Beaver River. Lots of memories for you.

  10. You get out much more than I do. Thanks for the tour.