Friday, April 19, 2024

More Spring Flowers and Mystery Plant Identified!

It's staying cold and rainy, but the spring flowers just keep on coming.  (They'd come faster if it was warmer!)  We tend to impose our human feelings on them and think the plants will be chilly of we feel chilly, but in fact many of them are responding to length of daylight not temperature, and that's noticeably longer.  Whatever the plants feel, they're bringing much more colour to our chilly spring.

First is this remarkable patch of Bloodroot at the west end of nelson Street in the shade under these trees.

It's a beautiful bright white flower that blooms in early spring, and only lasts a short time.

I cropped this picture to show you the way the leaf clasps around the stem.  Some would say this helps keep the plant warmer..  In any case it's very distinctive.

Back here at home Mrs. F.G. the photographer grabbed my camera the other day and went out to get photos of the Hyacinths.  They almost assault your nose with there strong fragrance if you walk outside nearby.

She also got a great shot of the dwarf Yellow Iris in bloom.  Look at those raindrops!

And here is my mystery plant.  You will remember from my post the other day that I showed you our resident rabbit and the unusual plant, a bit like a Grape Hyacinth, that got nibbled off.  Well I found another couple as they emerged, and I figured out what they are.

I googled 'Grape Hyacinth Leaves', because this looks like a Grape Hyacinth, but with only one broad leaf instead of numerous narrow leaves.  And guess what I found - there is a Broad-leaved Grape Hyacinth!  Here is a picture copied from the internet.  Mrs. F.G. planted a few bulbs last fall, and these must have been among them, possibly mislabeled.

Muscari latifolium, Broad-leaved Grape Hyacinth
Source: Wikipedia


  1. Beautiful colors and I love to see the raindrops. We've been having some nice warm days lately.

  2. Glad to learn that it is indeed a grape hyacinth. There are so many planted in artistic formations at the Tulip Festival, and I enjoy seeing them "in the wild" like you have here. :-)

  3. If it was planted from seed, there could have been a mix up in packaging.
    The White flowers resemble Magnolia blooms, but they grow on trees.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I obviously need more early Spring flowers to bring colour to my garden.
    You seem to have more heat than we do.

  5. Who knew that a Broad-Leaf Grape Hyacinth existed!!!
    I love the raindrops on the yellow Iris. So pretty.

  6. That's a new one on me, though the normal grape hyacinths used to turn up in my mother's garden uninvited all the time.

  7. It did think that it looked like a grape hyacinth the other day, but this is an unusual variety to me.

  8. I love grape hyacinth the best of all the spring flowers really. It’s too bad rabbits like them for a meal!

  9. The bloodroot is a new-to-me flower - very pretty! Glad you figured out the mystery.

  10. Wow, you are really into early spring. I bet those hyacinths smell beautiful.

  11. I always enjoy seeing hyacinths and they do smell lovely.

    All the best Jan

  12. You have some beautiful Spring bloom, sometimes I think the birds help spread plants around!

  13. I like the colorful flower photos and I especially like the detail in the Bloodroot flowers.