Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Busy Times!

I'm falling behind again.  There's so much going on in the garden, and things are changing so fast with our hot weather this week.  Mrs. F.G. has all of her tomatoes planted and lots of other stuff, but still lots waiting to go in as well.  I can't keep up with my photos.  And I've still got photos from the past two weeks to share.  So here's a smattering of things for your interest.

This is the big old Sugar Maple out in the golf course that our grandchildren discovered they could climb.  Both of them, as well as our daughter's partner were up that tree as often as possible, the oldest kid halfway to the top!  I've always thought that tree climbing is one of the great adventures of childhood.

We do have lots to share in the garden.  This Columbine is one of my spring favourites.  It just self-seeds, so we always have some, but we never know where they will pop up.

We went to Grey Roots for the 'Spring into Spring' event in the pioneer village.  Among other things they had a show featuring birds of prey, including this Bald Eagle.  Unfortunately the photos illustrate the limitations of my phone camera, which has an amazing zoom, but not much clarity at that level.

The apple orchards are in bloom.  You can hardly see the tiny white blossoms in this photo, one of the newest orchards following a big investment by an Italian company.  

Our recent drives to physio have also surprised us with the brilliant yellow blooms of the Canola fields.  And that's a smattering of notable recent observations here.


  1. Lovely photographs you've shared.
    That big old Sugar Maple is amazing.

    All the best Jan

  2. Glad to hear your grandkids climb trees, the little boy in the next house over is almost never outside -- a sad situation.

  3. The fields of Canola look beautiful. And I admire the lovely pure white Columbine.

  4. When spring comes here it's in a hurry. so that explains why there is a back up of photos.

  5. My mother's garden used to have columbine popping up all over, a lot of it right at the front of the borders where it didn't fit in at all, but I was under strict instructions to leave it be. I remember spending many hours as a child perched halfway up a tree where I convinced myself that no one could see me. They're not growing so much oil seed rape/Canola around here this year.

  6. I didn't know that columbine was a popper-upper.

  7. So nice to see these delightful pictures. I keep getting behind, too. It seems it's everybody's problem these days.

  8. My columbine is up, but not blooming yet. I do love how it self-seeds - it makes far less work for me.
    No tree climbing for me, I was terrified of heights.But that tree looks like it would be a fun place to play.