Sunday, July 12, 2020


We woke to mercifully cooler weather after two good days of plentiful rain.  It was semi-cloudy but no more rain forecast until later in the afternoon, so I headed out for my ride about mid-morning.  I actually put on a long-sleeved shirt over my T-shirt to keep warm enough and it was the perfect cool temperature out there.

The highlight of the ride was my second Monarch of the season, and the first one to sit still long enough for a good picture.  It's actually on a Tulip leaf in between two patches of Milkweed.

I've noticed this striking large clump of Zebra grass before; today was a good time for a picture under the cloudy skies.

I was also pleased to see my first Queen Anne's Lace.   There are none one day and now they'll be all over the wilder patches in another day or two.  The backyard meadow was white with these at our last home.

Only a couple of flowers around here are 'heliotropic', meaning they open in the morning and turn toward the sun.  By late afternoon they are finished.  And this is the first actual bloom of the yellow Goat's Beard that I've seen this year.  I'm rapidly concluding that there are advantages to going for my ride in the morning.

I can't believe the Chicory coming up in a crack at the edge of the pavement!

It too blooms in the morning and by afternoon is faded; these flowers are fresh and beautiful/

As for that Monarch, as I was approaching a patch of Milkweed that I'm stopping to check every day, it fluttered away behind the plants - but it landed on the Tulip right beside them.  My first sight was through the Tulip leaves. 

I took a few pictures and crept closer, took some more and moved again.  By the time I crept out from behind the last concealing leaf I got a great picture, and it hadn't moved!  I watched it flutter around and disappear below some lower leaves (was it laying eggs?) but it never settled down again.

I was watching the weather all the time and these clouds over our local hospital (3 blocks away)  looked potentially ominous.  But it was moving rapidly away from me and blue sky patches were appearing.  I kept an eye on the sky as I went, but still I cut it too close.  Two minutes after I got in the door the rain started.  I don't want to be out in the rain in an electric wheelchair!


  1. It looked ominous for sure. You were lucky to arrive home with time to spare.

    The monarch is pretty special. I haven’t see one for years.

  2. It is a bit cooler here today. Wasn't that dreadful last week. Love your monarch shots! Lucky you got inside before the rain.

  3. Your pictures are great. And chicory is one of my favorites. It grows wildly all over the roadsides here, apparently not bothered by dust or exhaust fumes. Usually near Queen Anne's lace like a natural bouquet.

    Im certainly glad you got home just in time, too.

  4. Lucky for you that the rain held out until you were in the door! And lucky too in spotting a Monarch. I also find the mornings are the best time to be out there whether with a camera or just being outside.

  5. Nice pictures of the Butterfly and Flowers.
    Glad you beat the Rain especially in your Wheel Chair.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Glad you missed the rain -- "Never underestimate luck." It might behoove you to check with the manufacturer to see if the wheelchair is weather sealed; it probably isn't but it's probably worth checking.

  7. Glad that you stayed dry! It is so wonderful to see the Monarchs fluttering around!

  8. Hey Furry, can ya send some of those Monarchs down our way. I still haven't seen one this year:((

  9. Hello, Great sighting of the Monarch! I have not seen one this season.. They are beautiful Butterflies. We could use some rain here, it seems to go all around us. I like the chicory, the blooms are pretty. Take care! Enjoy your day, have a happy new week!

  10. Hoping to see my first Monarch soon too. I captured a beautiful milkweed flower this morning as well as a Queen Anne's Lace. Such beautiful 'weed' wildflowers.
    Yikes, don't get caught in the rain FG!

  11. Great shots of the butterfly and love seeing all the wildflowers from your mid morning ride!

  12. Wonderful monarch captures. And you did cut that quite close! Glad you made it in time. :-)

  13. Great shots of the Monarch...I have yet to see one that isn't flying. Fact is I think I have only seen one in flight.

  14. it is cooler here today, just beautiful outside!! isn't mother nature amazing...and the monarch is beautiful!!

    awwww, cutting it close, exciting and dangerous, be careful out there!!!