Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Riding Around - Noble Street

My second route for a ride follows Noble Street for about 7 blocks and back, a little shorter than Nelson West which is the equivalent of about 9 blocks and back.  But the roads along Noble Street are in much better condition; there's even a stretch of sidewalk that is smooth enough to ride! 

Noble Street comes to a dead end corner at each end so it's definitely not a through street and it has very little traffic,

 This beautiful bluish/purple Clematis was in full bloom two weeks ago.

And for any of you botanists in the crowd here's a picture of the Linear-leaved Plantain showing the rosette of linear leaves at the base of the plant.

I stopped at this house last year to see the Milkweed, but then I noticed that they have a Tulip Tree!  Or rather a multi-stemmed Tulip shrub.

The Milkweed have certainly come into bloom with all our warm sunny weather.  They were just buzzing with bees and I'll be going back to get lots more pictures.

True to form the Monarchs have shown up, just as the Milkweed are blooming.  Yesterday two of them visited our own Milkweed plants, even though the blooms haven't opened uet.  As you can see I wasn't quite fast enough with my camera!  How do they know and how do they find an isolated five plants in our garden?

As I cross Nelson Street I get a glimpse of Georgian Bay far below.  This is the first sailboat I've seen this year.

A couple of houses have some interesting exterior decorations.  Nice I think, if you don't overdo it.

And at the farthest end of the street where my friends live are the first Day Lilies I've seen other than the orange 'Ditch' Lilies.   Some nice yellow ones here.

As I mentioned yesterday, I stop in the shade of each big Maple for a brief cool-down.  Amazing how well that works.


  1. I saw my first Monarch this morning! We just finished getting a heavy rain with thunder & lightning which is good for the trees.

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  2. Nice! I like the picture with the butterfly blur. :-)

  3. It’s great to have a view of the water from that directions. Those monarchs have radar for the milkweed.

  4. What a nice town you live in. We were supposed to be there in August for my sons wedding, but as a vulnerable person, I don't think I will be making that trip. He doesn't live there, but as I mentioned previously, we do have family in the area.

  5. Yes, shady areas are sure appreciated in this hot sweltering weather. I have yet to see a Monarch Butterfly this year and its not because I haven't been looking.

  6. Nice sculpture of the trees and fence. It must be nice to have a safe smooth place to ride.

  7. Nice to hear that you have some smooth roads to ride - even if they don't go anywhere! You found some interesting plants and flowers.

  8. Great photos.
    I'm still waiting for monarchs. I'm watering my milkweed, too. It is so dry.

  9. I always think Tulip Poplars have pretty leaves and flowers...