Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Seasons Roll On

I've never been comfortable with just four seasons even though I know the astronomical reasons for them.  I always thought the best part of fall didn't arrive on Sept 21st, and winter didn't arrive in time for Christmas.  In fact I included a chapter in one of my books describing 8 seasons as I saw them.

The point is that the seasons unfold continuously, or at least in fits and starts over the year.  It's been summer for just over two weeks now, but things keep changing, fast!  I think this is particularly obvious if you have a garden you keep a close eye on.

Have you noticed that the birds which were so obvious in May while they established territories and found their mates have now been quiet for a few weeks?  They're nesting of course, and it means they're much less visible and they're quieter.  The Cardinal is almost the only one I can still hear calling from the top of trees, up against ths sky.

There is a continuous stream of new 'flowers of the fields' blooming, here Knapweed and White Clover.  Several species are now gone, including those beautiful yellow Dandelions, early spring food for so many bees.

Another round of garden flowers is just starting to bloom, this the first Day Lily I've seen.  We'll have a dozen in full flower in a week or two.

Crocosmia, one of the most striking of summer flowers, is just coming into bloom.  We've got about a dozen across the front of the house.

And of course the veggie garden is constantly changing as thing grow to harvestable size and later veggies start producing.  We've been having cold-weather crops - onions and lettuce - for a month now,  Radishes and beans are very close and tomatoes are blooming profusely.

So forget your idea of four seasons and start watching for all those continuous little changes in the world around us.  You might be surprised.

PS Thanks to Mrs. F.G. who figured out how to get the computer working again!


  1. Glad you are back On-Line. Nice having your own Tech in-house.
    I've often thought about the seasons in the past. We've seen warm weather in the Spring then it freezes before struggling to be seasonal. Even the rest of the seasons Teeter back and forth.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Our seasons appear to be more and more confused these days and it's not just my subjective opinion, the facts back it up. We seem to be back in March this weekend - overcast skies and strong winds.

  3. I am glad you are up and running again. I liked the thoughts on the different seasons. I find that they come and go sometimes in very harsh ways and yet may return before moving on. The birds that visit at my new place are on different cycles that the ones at my old place.

  4. My birds are still pretty noisy and flitty. But they ARE American birds after all.

  5. On line and a computer doing what it should might be a good reason to celebrate any season. I remember as a child, the hot summer days that seemed to last forever, the prickly stubs left after hay making, and the garden full of passionfruit, gooseberries, peaches, plums and more.Your day lily is a stunner, those crocosmia , they had started to overtake our small garden, so have been donated to a friend with acres to spare.

  6. I’ve noticed the change in wildflowers along the trails. The veg garden is producing lettuce and kale already with much promise for August.

  7. I think that sometimes the seasons get a little confused :)

    All the best Jan

  8. The birds seem very quiet here except for the Chimney Swifts who are always chattering away as they fly around. Glad you are back on-line.

  9. I think the seasons lost their way a long time ago and are continuing to remain lost and confused.

    Oh where oh where did the seasons go
    First we had rain then we had snow
    Spring came once and twice in a row
    Will it be shovel or will it be hoe
    I don't know where the seasons go
    But when I find out I'll let you know:))

  10. Glad you're back. The traditional view of the seasons is but an illusion, every day is a bit different.

  11. What a relief to get the computer working! I know how much I depend upon it for socialization.
    The gardens have been lovely, it's such a relief after winter, although we are watering like mad.
    My favourite seasons are the shoulder seasons, when the tourists are fewer!

  12. We have spent most of this year in Switzerland. First for the Chef to ski on his own and with the (grown up) children. Then we stayed on during lockdown because the Chef has lung problems and we thought it would be safer for him. We’ve watched the birds in our garden change almost week by week. Sadly all the beautiful goldfinches have moved on. I knew they ate dandelion seeds but had never seen them tear at the flowers before. We still have 3 large families of sparrows to watch. Never noticed how they hover almost like hummingbirds before. As for the garden itself it is almost entirely wildflowers and has been quite lovely. And full of bees, hoverflies, crickets, butterflies and moths. The flowers and grasses have changed about every fortnight. Unfortunately some men came and cut it all down. But raked it into small stooks to make hay for winter feed. It’s been amazing!

  13. Welcome back, thanks Mrs. F.G.
    Interesting about the seasons, I have noticed birds have disappeared to some extent. My Orioles are gone, not many finches around now and the hummers are seldom at my feeder.
    My tiger lilies also are starting so hope to have many down along the lane fence. Enjoy!

  14. I am also very glad you see you're back, and in fine writing form. I agree that the calendar and the seasons are in a permanent state of disconnect. 8 seasons makes sense to me! :-)

  15. Yay, the computer is up and running.

  16. Mrs. FG sounds like a keeper!