Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Driving Home

We left Lake Eugenia and headed for home, down into the valley through Kimberley and Heathcote, stopping for butter tarts on the way.  Here's my continuing travelogue; it would look just about the same today.  (You have to read the past two posts to make sense of this).  Lots of pictures today!

I've always enjoyed the view as you head north down into the valley.

The barn just south of Kimberley, nestled under the rocks of Old Baldy, has a new Canadian flag.

And in Kimberley they have almost completed a project to make the community centre wheelchair accessible!  It houses a small local library, a small kitchen and a large meeting/event room upstairs.  They've added both a long ramp to the front door and an elevator to the second floor.  A project that I'm very pleased to see!

You get another great view of Old Baldy as you leave the village.

The sand dome isn't as busy as usual so far this winter.  There are sand domes scattered all over southern Ontario to store sand for winter spreading.

I caught a quick shot of the Beaver Valley Cidery as we drove past.

And a horse farm.  Does anyone know why horse paddocks always have double fences several feet apart like this?  I've always wondered.

Another view of the valley.  As you drive north the valley spreads out and veers to the east providing a gentler landscape.

Much of the view you see is just white fields, trees and fencerows.

I had never noticed before that the Blackbird Pie Company in Heathcote has the same flock of blackbirds on its truck as on the bakery itself.  Rumour has it that they may move to larger premises.  We're hoping they do, and that they have room for small cafe!  We always buy our chicken pot pies there, the best around!

Just to add to my barn photos, this one is not in such good shape!

The view is often not very colourful at this time of year.

But back in October the same slope was brilliant with fall colour.

We turned the corner to head toward Clarksburg and there was Blue Mountain in front of us.

My last shot was of the high density Red Price apple orchard disappearing in the distance.  Hope ypu've enjoyed our three day travelogue!


  1. I love that view too! Boy I'll bet you miss the brilliant October colours in comparison!
    The double row of fencing keeps horses from interacting because stallions can be very dangerous. It also allows vehicles and farm machinery to move around the property. along a road, it is for safey.
    No, I didn't know all that, I googled it because you aroused my curiosity! Funny, though. I don't think I've ever noticed double fencing. :)

  2. You live in a nice place, the old barn looks like many of ours that are derelict out in the country.

  3. Thanks for the photographic tour of the valley -- your new camera is doing well. Down here horse paddocks don't have double fences, but many of them have board fences instead of wire -- except for Amish folks' horses which are almost always inside wire fences. Patsy Irene's answer make perfect sense.

  4. Your new camera is taking excellent pictures. I have come to depend on my iPhone camera so closeups and telephoto is bad for me as well. I know it isn't the best solution, but it is so handy right there in my pocket wherever I go. - Margy

  5. Beautiful pictures of the countryside.
    I love the first picture too and remember it from other posts!

  6. Very attractive winter scenes.

  7. Love those sweeping views and especially with blue sunny skies overhead. Reminds me of the great American Southwest. Keep that camera in action and I say again, good to see you folks out and about:))

  8. Envy you your Heathcote butter tarts, so good! Loved all the pictures bringing back memories, but sure not much snow. C

  9. I did indeed enjoy your travelogue and envied the blue sky most of all. :-)

  10. That was a wonderful trip. Showing me a part of the world I have never seen. Double fences to make it harder for horses to escape?

  11. Nice drive! Doubles fencing for safety and if they move horses from one paddock to another:)

  12. I have enjoyed this day photos for sure...there is so much that I like. I was glad to see someone answered the question about the fencing...I don't know why I had not googled it before. I had figured it was to move horses...had not thought about traveling around the farm or to keep horses separate.

  13. The contrast between winter and fall in those two shots is particularly vivid.