Saturday, January 25, 2020

Icy Shores

We stopped at the shoreline on the way home the other day to find more ice than ever.  The boulders were heavily covered, and ice had obviously been splashing high up on the trees.

I've never seen the boulders so completely covered in ice.

The trees were another work of icy art, but access to the parking spaces is getting difficult as they don't plow the snow here in the winter, so it's impossible to get very close for pictures.


In my previous life I gave talks on various aspects of natural history in the valley, or on topics like Scottish history and English gardens based on our travels.  I've recently been asked if I'd like to do the same thing again, so I've been devoting a lot of time to thinking about whether and how I could handle this.  Burying myself in my old photos and scheming about topics that I actually know something of and have pictures to illustrate.

I've finished selecting the top few (200?) photos from several thousand on our big tour of Italy in 2013 too.  Hoping to start pulling these together into a 'Blurb' book or something similar.

Meanwhile it's another supremely dull day here with a mixture of rain and snow, leaving us just staying at home after we were planning to go for a drive.  Temperatures that hover above and just below freezing are a dam nuisance; we'd like some good clean -5°C weather!


  1. Really cold might be better than the half way level. I have only once seen ice like that here, near Dunedin many years ago, in some photos. It hung off trees and fencers near the water, and was truly so pretty. Those boulders, who would know what was under the huge mounds. Hope your days get better for some out and about drives soon.

  2. I think it's all very beautiful, while you're cold there we're hoping for rain at some point, it's near drought here.

  3. I like the way the sunlight illuminates the ice.

  4. Same down here today; I wish it was either 10 degrees warmer or cooler, either one would be fine. Those are really nice photos of the ice formations; the nice thing about ice like that is that it changes day yo day with the wind or temperature.

  5. The ice on the rocks and trees always amazes me. It gets so thick!!
    It is beautiful!!

  6. Some of us are very fortunate to live along shorelines where Mother Nature creates these marvelous ice sculptures each winter.

  7. Frozen water makes for great photos! :)

  8. I would love to see ice like this just once in my life...cannot imagine it. So I will just enjoy your photos.