Thursday, January 2, 2020

Photo Highlights

Scanning through lots of photos the past few days to select highlights of the decade I also found lots of photos that didn't make the cut but that I thought were simply great photos, certainly compared to my photos today which are pretty mundane.  So here are a few of what I see as my best photos of the past decade.

I always seem to go back to bright colours, so many of what I see as my best are photos of flowers in our own garden.

I could add probably hundreds, but the brightest colours are always what I come back to.

I find fall colours notoriously hard to capture.  When you're out there you feel surrounded by shimmering colour which just doesn't quite come through in the camera, but these are two of my favourite.

Blue skies often make a good picture, as does the blue water of Georgian Bay.

This remains one of my favourite pictures of all time, a different perspective, large depth-of-field, and good lighting.  A large version of this hangs on the wall at my cousin's house.

Sometimes a good photo is entirely serendipitous, as when you almost walk into a spider web across the trail!

Another serendipitous one, as when we're driving down a rural road and Mrs. F.G.'s sharp eyes spot something.  This family of young Osprey was just as curious about us as we were of them.  Luckily I had my telephoto with me that day.  Hope you've enjoyed my selections of the past three days.  And hope you all have a good decade ahead!


  1. Very nice photographs, well done sir.

  2. Oh, my, these are all superb....but my favorite is the last. Just the look on their faces. Add to the fact I have only seen two in real life!

  3. Nice to see all those beautiful colors!!!

  4. Great photos of summer cumulus clouds with a bright blue sky.

  5. They are all great photos. I also love that huge tree, and the osprey's expressions as well. :-)

  6. Especially like that Osprey photo.

  7. The bright colors are so wonderful

  8. these are really pretty!! i find the colors in the sky are most difficult to capture. it never looks quite as beautiful as what i am actually seeing!!

    i LOVE photographing falls vivid colors!!

  9. Those fall colours particularly speak to me.