Friday, January 17, 2020

A Foggy Drive

Last week we were out and picked up sandwiches for lunch.  Looking for someplace to sit and eat them, we drove to Thornbury.  But then Mrs. F.G. felt like a longer drive so we headed on to Collingwood.  But just before we got there we turned off and headed south; we just ate our sandwiches  the way.  Eventually we found ourselves on the winding road up through Pretty River valley.  As you can tell, we were just wandering.

And it was foggy, not a good day at all for pictures!

We did come out at the former Rob Roy schoolhouse, now part of the Osprey Township Museum.  It is quite interesting to step inside and see what an old one-room school was like.  Did you catch the Scottish reference in the name?

Most barns were too far from the road to catch anything but a foggy outline, but this very sad one was close by.

We passed the old stone Kolapore church, long since a private residence.  I was there for a meeting once, to discuss a book we were writing.  Mac Kirk was a champion conservationist in this area.

And then we stopped at the Ravenna General Store for butter tarts.  They have this great mural on the outside wall, representing all the folks who stop by for lunch (or butter tarts).  I think it is more of a lunch spot than a store.

Cycling is popular on area roads, with relatively little traffic.

And families of tourists or skiers.  I'm not sure whether this is meant to welcome them or chase them away!


Still snowing gently here today, though we've only got 4 or 5 inches.  We are getting some quite cold temperatures, -21°C at night (-25 with the windchill.  And we're supposed to get 4-6 inches of the white stuff tomorrow.  After all it is winter.

The Scottish reference is to the famous Rob Roy McGregor, the best known of Scotland's outlaws. 1671-1734.  Must have been some early Scottish settlers in this area.


  1. Hello, nice drive and the mural looks fun. Have a happy day and a great weekend ahead!

  2. My partner and I love going for long winding drives. There is always something new to discover. When my youngest daughter was but a bit, we used to go driving with her *ahem* navigating. We called them "trips to Kruken". We found Al Capon's hideout on one of those trips!

  3. That mural is charmingly fun. The foggy shot of the old barn is one thing I wish I could get.

  4. The top foggy photo, I think that is really wonderful, well worthy of printing and having on the wall, misty, mysterious, and gentle

  5. A nice drive! I love the mural and would probably stop there for butter tarts too!

  6. I have no idea what a butter tart is, but just the name makes me want one! Great pictures of a misty day. :-)

  7. I like foggy photos!!
    Great mural of all the different people who stop by the store!!
    Like the bikers too.

  8. It's been quite a mixed bag of weather we've been having this winter. Snow, rain, fog, up and down temps, etc.

  9. I enjoyed your photos. The ones of the mural are so cheerful. Hope that your health is improving.

  10. How was the butter tart? Bet it was good! Love the mural! Snowing here too:)

  11. i am going to google butter tart, butter anything sounds good, but i don't know what it is!! it is so nice to go for a ride...finding a special spot to enjoy a sandwich. the hubs and i do that and often, go to the inlet to enjoy them, it's a favorite spot!! we got a tiny sprinkling of snow today, it was so pretty coming down but did not amount to anything!!!

    1. i googled butter tart, OMG, they sound so good!! although i see there are many variations, i like the ones with the liquid centers!!!

  12. The former school particularly stands out.