Monday, March 25, 2019

Water and Ice

Although the ice covering on the bay has disappeared (it's still out there floating as ice rafts), the ice still lines the shore inside the blue water of the bay.  Two near-mirage islands on the horizon.

The harbour in Thornbury still has large piles of ice on the boulders, and a layer of dirt on top of the melting snow in the foreground.

It's similar here in Meaford, blue water in the bay, but a lot of unmelted ice along the shore.

Looking west, the boulders in the foreground suggest some splashing water and fresh ice.

And at my feet was a band of ice on the ground that looked like bubbles.

A closer look - I've never seen anything quite like this.

But today, coming over the hill from the west we could see the remaining ice raft floating out on the bay in the distance.


  1. I would love to see the 'ice bubbles' in real life...I have never seen anything like that either!

  2. Those ice bubbles are really beautiful -- always something new to see in the natural world.

  3. It's always interesting seeing those ice rafts coming and going this time of year along the shorelines of the Great Lakes. Powered by wind direction they are like large flat horizontal sails as they are pushed through lake waters in coming and going directions.

  4. Still very cold. The ice like bubbles was something new to me - glad you shared the ice that is remaining and the ice that is breaking up today.

  5. It's definitely warming up there. I like to see the open water in the last picture. :-)

  6. Your bubbles reminded me of a Mars shot today ... of mushrooms.

  7. The bubbles are really unusual looking. So nice to see the ice retreating.

  8. We visit the great lakes in Minnesota and I have never seen them in winter. It is a different world along those coast lines in winter.